Sunday 15 April 2018

Last night as I lay in bed, my stomach suddenly growled so with the little will power that I have, I went and opened a pack of Maryland double chocolate cookies. I then turned to my sister and said 'these cookies bring me so much joy'. So this is a post dedicated to that, the simple pleasures and moments in life. In order to spread this joy, I'd like to make this post a 'tag' that you can also do yourself, even if you don't have a blog, write it down on a piece of paper and whenever you need a little pick me up, the list might just help. Make sure to let me know if you write your own post as I'd love to see what things bring a smile to your face!

little pleasures

1. Maryland double chocolate cookies. 
2. A new Lana Del Rey song release. 
3. Booking hotels. 
4. When an Italian restaurant has pineapple pizza on the menu.
5. Day festivals/parties where the sun is shining, the music is good and the glitter is poppin.
6. When I get the right sugar - milk - tea brewing time ratio. 
7. Drinking games, with fun people. 
8. Dylan's Quiz with brewie and Zoe (miss you all x)
9. Browsing through (and buying) books at the airport.
10. When I come across a bar that serves Pornstar Martinis. 
11. Going to the cinema for an anticipated movie (and providing my one line movie reviews here).  
12. Cheese and wine with pals, or anybody for that matter. 
13. Making colourful spreadsheets.
14. Milka Oreo, omg. 
15. When the weather forecast says plenty of sunshine.
16. A Sacarello's latte.
17. The things that come out of my younger brother's mouth. 
18. When I wake up at 9am on a Saturday and realise I can sleep for longer because it is a Saturday. 
19. Hearing the words 'I miss you' 
20. The Zen (all you can eat and drink for 20 euros) - please reopen.
21. Finding gym leggings that don't fall when you run.
22. Sitting in a cafe/bar on holiday, in good company and loving life.
23. When you're at a gig and they play a song that connects with the audience and everyone becomes one.
24. Reuniting with people you haven't seen in months/years.
25. When you've stayed at the beach all afternoon and then order pizza and sit around and talk about life. 
26. New Girl - omg the last season starts today!
27. Good panna cotta.
28. Ticking everything off my to do list. 
29. Staring at our guinea pig Ginger, because he looks like a 40 year old man. 
30. Getting into bed after a shower, with a hot drink, a scented candle next to you and a good show on Netflix.

Even writing this blog post brought me a bit of joy as we so often dwell on the things we detest/annoy us and don't focus on the things we enjoy. What are your simple pleasures in life? 


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