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All my life I have referred to this place as Sevilla, but for international purposes we shall stick to Seville for the remainder of this travel guide. At the beginning of the month we used the bank holiday to take a little trip to Seville so that I could pretend I was in an episode of Game of Thrones and so my brother could throw up his hot dog on a Rollercoaster at Isla Magica Theme Park. Living next door to Spain, means that I've seen quite a bit of the country and I still think Seville is one of the nicest towns. If you're looking to spend a few days here whilst visiting the area here are some of my recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to eat in Seville, Spain. 


Where to stay in Seville

We booked quite last minute so a lot of the rooms were fully booked as there was also a triathlon taking place that weekend. We ended up staying at La Residencia Cartuja which was a 5 minute walk from Isla Magica and 15-20 minute walk from the town centre of Seville. The place was actually a student type place where I gathered that sports teams stay when playing in the sports duplex next door (the canteen definitely looks like it). The rooms were clean and basic, and breakfast consisted of your standard juices, tea, coffee, toast and cereal, which is great if a bowl of coco pops does the job for you. Although Seville is buzzing with cafes where you can go have breakfast in if you'd prefer to venture outside for something a bit more exciting. 

Where to eat in Seville

One of the places we stopped at for lunch was called El Papelon and there are several of them scattered around the town. They specialise in meat and cheeses, so we had a few starters of this to share and then I opted for 'caridalla' a.k.a pig cheeks (it tastes nicer than it sounds). Another good option is Petite Comite, which is a classy little restaurant that doesn't come across as being pretentious or overpriced. 

If you'd like to stop for some coffee and cake, then La Creme de la Creme and Santagloria are good choices and have heaps of breakfast options to if you prefer to go here first thing in the morning. 

For dinner we found la Taberna Del Torneo which got very busy very quickly, which means they serve you quickly and pretty much want you to move quickly after finishing your meal to make space for the next guests. The food here was delicious and cheap. We had 'carbonara chicken' , honey glazed aubergines, mini burgers and a whole bunch of other tasty tapas. Triana is quite a hip area and there is plenty of restaurant and cafe choices on your doorstep. The Mercado de Triana is a good spot to find everything from paella to oysters to croquettes. 

What to do in Seville 

My primary reason for visiting Seville was because I wanted to pace around Real Alcazar and pretend I was Ellaria Sand plotting my revenge against Cersei Lannister. Aside from that, this place is beautiful and only sets up back 12 euros for a ticket to the palace and gardens, just make sure you buy these online prior to your visit because the queues for this get very long. Within its walls and gardens you can see a mixture of the cultures and religious influences that have helped make the palace what it looks like today. 

Parque De Maria Luisa is a very picturesque walk where you can rent bicycles, cycling carts and take a ride on a horse and carriage. The cycling carts may fool you since there can be up to 4 of you cycling, but it's still a workout if somebody doesn't pull their weight! In here you'll also find the Plaza De Espana, where you can row boats and admire the architecture and these murals dedicated to all of the Spanish provinces. 


Some scattered landmarks that you might want to check out are the Seville Cathedral, Torre de Oro (a gold tower) which was built in the 13th century and used as a prison, it got its name because apparently the reflection on the water looked gold. The Giralda (a renaissance-style gothic tower) is also a site of interest. 

There's lots of museums in Seville that are free for EU citizens (so you best book a trip before 30th March 2019.) Such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Arts and Traditions in Sevilla and by the Metropol Parisol you will also find the Archeological Museum. 

plaza de espana

If you need to entertain children (or just looking for your daily dose of thrill) then you might want to spend a day in Isla Magica. It's no Warner Bros or Disney, but there are about a dozen rides for kids and a couple of rollercoasters and water rides. There are also a handful of shows on throughout the day so you can you know, rest. 


Have you guys ever been to or heard of Seville? What other Spanish towns/cities would you like to discover? 


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