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So the other night I was round my friend Beccy's house drinking wine and talking about the blog post she had just written on her trip to Las Iguanas and suddenly I thought, omg why don't we make a blog list with all the places we go to eat at in Gibraltar with a little review on each one? We both love to eat, and I love making lists, so why not! For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in Gibraltar but had spent the last 4 years studying in the UK so for the sake of this post I'm going to wipe the slate clean and pretend this is the first time I am visiting any of these restaurants. It also gives us an excuse to give our food a photoshoot when eating out. So here it is, a review of every restaurant we have eaten/will be eating in this year.

eating around gibraltar


Where: Chatham Counterguard Strip
Cuisine: Portuguese

My experience: From the moment we sat down the staff were attentive, friendly and unlike some other places in Chatham Counterguard, didn't take half an hour to ask for/bring our order. The location is very convenient, so it's a great place to meet for lunch or for dinner if you're looking to carry the night on. I love that I don't have to feel guilty coming here because it's easy to eat healthy - and I get to hit my protein macros! Although I would 100% recommend the chocolate pudding for dessert. My favourite from the night had to be the platter with clams, fish and prawns, the sauce was delicious and I ended up dipping bread in it after all the seafood was gone. Even though this place is Portuguese it's not quite Nando's - I must say I do miss my mango & herb sauce and sweet potato mash so if they would add that to the menu I would be here weekly.


frangos gibraltar
frangos gibraltar


Where: Eurotowers
Cuisine: Global - is that a type?

My Experience: Sadly my partner in crime wasn't with me for this dining experience as she was in bed with the flu, but the show must go on. I remember hearing a lot about this place months before it opened, and at that point I wasn't sure if it was a restaurant, a club (anyone else watch Power?) or place you go to confess all of your sins. Even though it's been open for months now yesterday was my first visit where I got to try their cocktails and mains, as I previously had just had an english breakfast. The attention to detail and branding is great - from the staff uniforms, to the branded coasters, the place is very well 'put together'. There's a little pebble device on each table that calls for the waiter when you're ready to order which I thought was a nice touch, and means you're not waving your hand around trying to get the attention of the waiter for 5 minutes. I shared a bunch of tapas including the curried cauliflower with caramelized puree and coconut bechamel, beetroot hummus with flat bread and a selection of Won Tons. My friend opted for the Truth Burger which looked so damn cheesy and I quote her - "I am having the time of my life." The chips were also homemade and fresh, I know this because I ate her leftovers.

Overall I was very pleased with the service, I'd heard mixed reviews about the food but honestly I thought everything had so much flavour and they were all things I'd never tried before. My only disappointment was that my cocktail didn't have any cool effects unlike some of the others, but I guess I should have asked first!


Where: 30 Parliament Lane
Cuisine: Indian (and sushi)

My Experience: I pass this place so often and yet hadn't made it a point of going to eat there until now. I probably order a curry once every other month and it's usually when we're having a girls night in so it's not something I usually opt for when eating out. I made the rookie error of deciding to go here the same day as my step-dads birthday tea party. So as you can imagine, there wasn't much room for korma or masala. Whilst Beccy and Lucy devoured their Paneer Makhani and Chicken Tikka Makhan Palak, I opted for the slightly lighter Philadelphia Roll (cream cheese, salmon and avocado). It killed me not to be able to join in with the cheese nan but the two slices of chocolate cake were still laying in my stomach. The sushi was fresh, tasty and they weren't stingy with the soy sauce/wasabi/ginger. I'd definitely like to go back and try the curry next time. It doesn't end sweet tooth and eyes thought 'well there's always room for dessert!' so I asked for a Mango Lassi which is basically a smoothie made up of mango, milk, yoghurt, and a dash of cardamom. As you can imagine, I took one sip and my stomach was like there's no room stop eating G!! so I had to ask to take it to go. 



Where: Deck 7, Sunborn Yacht
Cuisine: Mediterranean/North African 

My Experience: My Experience: I was kindly invited to Sunday Brunch with my friend Gabby (so thankfully I didn't have to look lonely eating by myself) at the Sunborn's new restaurant. This was my first time dining at the Sunborn and although it might be a little pricier than your average Sunday brunch, the quality and variety was worth it. I'd consider it more on the lunch than breakfast scale, because the buffet included (just to name a few) - salmon rolls filled with cream cheese, nuggets, burgers, a variety of hummus, sushi, your standard full english, prawn cocktails, salads, a wide selection of cheeses and ham and my favourite part - a white chocolate fondue  with marshmallows to dip. Dessert also included passion fruit cheesecake,  pancakes, chocolate cake, caramel cake and Haribo sweets - I think these were aimed for the kids but who doesn't love a gummy fried egg? If you're still hungry, you can order a meat or fish platter for an extra £14 per person, we had the meat and the rib meat literally fell right off the bone, very delicious.

The standard price is £24 per person but kids under 12 eat for free. For adults this also includes a welcome drink (cava with pineapple for us) and there was also a gentleman with a very lovely jazz voice entertaining us all whilst we ate. The service was impeccable, the staff was attentive and pleasant and made everyone in that room feel like a VIP - at least we felt like it. I think the only downside to my visit was that I had eaten a bowl of cornflakes at 11am, and so I couldn't sample all the desserts and stayed dreaming about the chocolate cake.

If any restaurants, cafes or bars in Gibraltar would like to collaborate please drop me a line on


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