Sunday 3 June 2018

For this months 'ask the readers' question, I wanted to focus it on something positive and I thought this would be a great way to make us all feel a bit better about ourselves in a world where we're constantly being made to feel insecure if we don't look or act a certain way. We're often so caught up on our hang ups and insecurities and when we do broadcast that we're actually 'feeling ourselves' we get judged for being vein or self-obsessed, but the truth is we all could probably do with loving ourselves a little bit more. So here are 20 people sharing with me what they love about themselves. For optimum effect, play Hailee Steinfield's Love Myself in the background whilst reading this.

love yourself

1. "I'm always smiley (most the time unless I'm sleepy) and just like to be happy all the time and infecting that onto other people" - Josh, 21

2. "I'd like to think I'm quite a generous and understanding person, and I have a nice perky bum" - Samantha, 21

3. "I personally like my bum and the fact that I don't get mad easily, and do a lot for people without expecting anything in return" - Michelle, 22

4. "I love how the older I get the less I care about what people think of me" - Leila, 26

5. "I like that I am hard working, dedicated and determined! I think these qualities have helped me to turn my hobby into a successful business." - Victoria, 32

6. "I think what I love most about myself overall is the fact that I can remain positive, no matter how hard I may be struggling, or whenever my friends/family are going through tough situations I still remain optimistic. I always try to see the good in every situation, and keep my head held up high. Life's too short to be bitter and miserable! No matter what, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (as cliche as that sounds)." - Amita, 22

7. "I love that I am a loving, passionate and motivated person. I have a big heart and I will do anything I can to help others. I sometimes get over passionate about subjects but it only shows I care. I love a challenge. I am self employed. I set myself monthly goals with the plan to smash them!" - Claire, 33

8. "That I'm always growing as a person. I'm open to learning, and changing." - Kaya, 34

9. "I love that I love so many things that I usually always have something to blog about, especially diy & crafts. Now if only I had more time!" - Alice, 37

10. "I love that I now don't hate the way I look like I used to. I love that I'm confident enough in my self not to wear any make up to cover myself up." - Lucy, 25

11. "I love that I'm persistent. I never give up on anything however hard the task. Abandoning my goals is more painful for me that failure. I just keep trying." - Shruti, 30 

12. "My bright hair and smile!" - Vicki, 26 

13. "I love that I'm intelligent and determined, I just wish I had more confidence to shout about those qualities and take pride in them without worrying that people will see me as big headed!" - Abbey, 23

14. "I like that I am a proper gentleman. I don't feel the need to brag to my friends about the women I have been with, I'm a romantic, and I consider myself to be the opposite of a 'fuck boy'." - Chris, 26  

15. "I like that I've been blessed with curves in all the right places. I may not be the most confident when it comes to the way I look but hey we can't all be perfect!" - Anon, 21

16.  "I love how much I love cheese." - Jake, 8

17.  "I love how curious my mind is. I'm constantly learning and exploring new cultures, places and people. I don't think that I am above anyone and approach everyone I meet with an open mind, and don't let gossip I've heard about them change my opinion on them unless I've witnessed it myself." - Jack, 25

18.  "I like my pale skin - it might not be the trend and it means If I spend more than an hour in the sun I start looking like a lobster, but a tan just wouldn't suit me!" - Lily, 23 

19. "I like my small boobs even though some boys may not. I can pretty much get away with not wearing a bra 80% of the time and like that I can dance freely and comfortably without them getting in the way!" - Anon, 25 

20. "I like my ability to forgive and not hold grudges. We're all human and make mistakes, and it takes up a lot more energy to be angry at people. Unless you've tried to sabotage my life or poison me or something extreme like that." - Jess, 24

I guess I should finish this off with my own opinion. I'd like to think I'm the least intimidating person on the planet - I will talk to anyone and don't base my friendships on what other people think of them or how popular/unpopular they are. I'm kind and if I see someone feels left out/new I will always try my best to make them feel at ease. I also like my eyelashes - because people pay a lot of money to get them this long. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this post, I hope it's made everyone feel a bit more positive about themselves. What do you think are your best qualities? 

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