Wednesday 13 June 2018

Time is a funny thing - you think you have a lot of it and next thing you know you're in a rocking chair knitting in your front porch (I watch too many American movies). Which is why you get to an age where you don't want to be wasting your time on things and people that don't actually add anything of value to your life. Time is precious, therefore we should be making time to do things that we actually want to do and bring us joy. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading Sarah Knight's book on 'the life-changing magic of not giving a F*ck* who tells you exactly how you can stop giving your time, or 'f*cks' to things you don't really care about and making time for the things you do. But for now, here is my list of things I want to make more time for.

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I'm usually the type of person who says yes to everything, even though some weekends I just want to lay on the sofa eating Doritos and watching Sky Cinema. I've done a couple of posts about spending time with yourself and enjoying your own company, and I definitely want to make more time to just chill. Maybe write or draw a little, or actually get round to designing my bullet journal which I keep saying I don't have time to do. 


I'd like to make time to do something selfless in my community, so it's time to get researching. At some point in my life I would like to volunteer for a NGO abroad of some sort. I've found the website Workaway is great for finding projects you can get involved with around the world, and a lot of time in return you can get free accommodation and some meals. So this is a great place for people who are looking to save some money whilst travelling, and doing a good thing. 

Actually catching up with 'old' friends

How many times do you bump into people you haven't seen in a while and say 'we need to go for a drink!' and then just go about your business and it doesn't happen. I'm not talking about reconnecting with everyone you've crossed paths with in the last few years, but I'd definitely like to reach out more to some of my friends from University I haven't spoken to a while and adore, or friends here who's company I actually enjoy. Even though I don't speak to some of my university friends everyday I know I could plan a trip over and visit them and it be like I never left. 

Doing nothing

 I like routine, and often don't like having little pockets of time in the day where I have nothing to do. After work I usually work on my blog/meet a friend for a coffee, then go to the gym, then watch Love Island, and then read my book or go to bed. However, I rarely give myself time or 'allow' myself to do sweet nothing. Being busy all the time is overrated and we could all do with having some more down time.  

Socialising with my family 

I kind of want to introduce family game night, maybe once a month because we're all competitive and stubborn and we'd all end up arguing every weekend if not. Living back at home means I see my family everyday, but want to make time to actually engage in activities - whether its going for walks in Spain, playing Disney Trivia Pursuit with my little brother, taking my grandparents for lunch, or going with mum to the cinema. 


I've actually been pretty good with making time for reading. I think it's because I've been taking out books from the library so I actually find time to read so that I can return it in the two weeks and not get fined. There's also nothing I like more than sitting on the beach with some cherries and reading a good book. I've actually started a blog post reviewing all the books I'm reading this year incase you're looking for some poolside inspiration. 


Being a 'proper adult' is hard work and people have a lot to say about what you should be doing in your 20s - but just because you're working a 9-5 job and have more responsibilities than when you were 18 doesn't mean you can't enjoy life and let your hair down on the weekend.Work hard, play harder right?

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I wrote this post in collaboration with WatchShop and they were nice enough to send me the Michael Kors watch photographed above. The colour is perfect for my summer wardrobe and I'm more into small dainty watches at the moment, and hopefully my tan will come along soon too to compliment it even more!

What stuff/interests do you want to make more time for in your life? 


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