Wednesday 16 May 2018

To finish off my entertainment trio, I decided to add a tv watch list to compliment my movie list and reading list. I feel like I watch a lot less TV than when I was at uni, where I literally had a different TV show to watch every night - Monday was Gotham, Tuesday was for American Horror Story, Wednesday was New Girl, Thursday I took a break from all the watching, and Friday was Vampire Diaries. Now I pretty much rely on Netflix for my TV shows and find it hard to watch more than one at a time unless the episodes are being released weekly. Here's my ongoing list for TV shows I've 'completed' this year.

tv list

The Sinner

I literally started this show in the afternoon and stayed up until like 3am to finish the season off as EVERY episode ended in a cliffhanger and you kind of just want to know what the hell happened to her already. The concept was unique and I'm excited that it's been renewed for a new season (with a different story line)

What's it about?
A normal woman who has a husband and son is sitting on the beach minding her business, when suddenly she fixes her gaze on this guy who's with his friends, then proceeds to get up and stab him to death. She can't remember doing it 

13 Reasons Why

I think I'm one of the only people that enjoyed the second season more than the first. I think it's because you kind of 'miss' the characters after not having seen them for a whole year (lol talking as if they're actually my pals). I was also glad to see other people's storylines develop more - like Zack's. I got all sorts of feels watching this season. 

What's it about?
It follows the aftermath after Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes to 13 different people who are apparently responsible in some way for her death.

The Fall

If you need one reason to watch this, Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) stars in this show. I liked that this show had a strong female lead who took on a role that many men usually play. A lead detective, who sleeps around with men and then leaves them hanging, and is fully independent. 

What's it about?
A very good looking serial killer who seems to live a perfectly normal life with a wife and kids and the detective who tries to take him down. 

Seven Seconds

This show was interesting because the 'case' wasn't black and white and had a lot of grey areas. It showed the reality that a lot of the time people in power get away with murder (literally) and there is a lot of injustice in the system. 

What's it about?
A new young cop accidentally hits (and kills) a black teenage boy on the road and then other people in the police force try and cover it up. 


This show makes me feel 10X more badass and gangsta just by watching it. That's all. 

What's it about?
A New York club owner who also runs a drug cartel on the side and is torn between being clean and well, doing the opposite. If you haven't seen 50 Cent's face in a while you can catch him in this.

The Catch Up/Paused list

The Originals
New Girl

The Watch List

The Good Doctor
The Forest
How To Get Away With Murder

What TV shows have you been watching this year? I'd love to keep adding more to the list. 


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