Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Sometimes when I'm bored my mind drifts off to places where I'd rather be. On a beach in Barbados, at Tomorrowland or in my dream holiday home laying on a hammock in my balcony overlooking a lake whilst reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. As you must know by now, I love making lists. So on this blog post I'd like to share with you guys 5 places I would like to have a holiday home in. I should probably start by saying that I live in a relatively hot country (Gibraltar) and so the sunshine isn't my first reason for finding a holiday home, but rather the location and ambiance and I guess somewhere where it doesn't rain often, because I wouldn't want to spend my summer indoors.


Miami, Florida 

For those of you who don't know, I spent a semester studying in Orlando, Florida back in 2015, and was actually the reason for starting this blog. Of course, whilst we were there we had to pop over to Miami for a couple of days and see everything we'd seen in the movies IRL. Sadly, I was only 20 at the time so there was no wild partying for me, but I still fell in love with the place for its atmosphere, the culture, the vibrant colours and the fact I could also speak Spanish here (ole). I just imagined this was the kind of place I could picture myself living in when I was older, or even retired. On a study conducted by Schofields, it was actually Kissimmee that topped the list for getting the most out of your holiday home when renting, with a ROI of 18.78%. Miami wasn't far behind on the list but did drop to 6.82%. The head of inbound marketing commented that “It’s not surprising to see that Kissimmee tops the list of best return on investment property areas considering the climate and attractions. It’s a hugely popular vacation destination for people around the world, even during the low season." 

Nice, France

Maybe if I vacationed here it would force me to pick up my French again because right now all I can do is ask for 'un glace de vanille si vous plait'. Firstly, I think this is on the list because it would be a very romantic city to have a holiday home in. I'd love to be able to take weekend trips to the French Riviera. Nice came in 4th with a ROI of 11.96%. 

Lake Garda, Italy 

I probably couldn't stay here long, because I bloody love Italian food. I haven't seen this place in the flesh, but I am taking a trip to Milan in November and hoping we can take a day trip here. As with France, Italy is a very romantic country this place in particular looks like it's been captured straight out of a fairytale. 

Albufeira, Portugal

I've recently spent a week here and come here quite often as it's only a 4 hour drive to Portugal from where I live. So this one would probably be the most practical one. If one didn't have to work in the summer, I'd love to spend my summers here and then rent it to some lovely expats during the quieter months. Let's face it, the sun and tourism is still buzzing here until October! I actually put this place on my list before I was handed the press release, and was surprised to see it was also on the list with a ROI of 4.50%. Although come to think of it, there were definitely more Brits than Portuguese in the area (you just need to look out for the sunburn!)

Marbella, Spain 

If I wanted to keep things even closer to home, then Marbella is only a 45 drive so it's the ideal place to vacate at in the weekends when I want to get away from everything, and go have my favourite frozen yoghurt in Puerto Banus every weekend. Thanks to Airbnb, it also means it's easier than ever to rent out your place when you're not staying there. Although I think I'd just have all the basics there as I'd be scared someone would take my record player or something. In the study conducted by Schofields, Marbella came 8th on the list on where to find the best ROI on your holiday home, at 6.32%.

I do enjoy working on these informative posts because they still allow me to be creative and use my imagination (whilst learning a bit more ei). Do you guys have a holiday home? Where would you buy your dream home in? 





  1. You have chosen some beautiful places! My list of places is always growing, but the ones that are always at the top are California (would love to move there one day), Lake Como - Italy, Barcelona - Spain, and anywhere in Mexico. As long as there is beautiful weather and food, I'm always going to be happy.

    Aycan //

  2. What a great list. Very worldwide which I love. I would love to visit France one day. My dream to find love under the Eiffel Tower or to go there with my love


  3. I love this post idea! I’ve never though if it & I might have to borrow the idea. Love the originality x

  4. Portugal is so beautiful and when I was there last time I've seen houses which were so cheap in comparison to the rest of Europe, so I think this is the most probable of all five :) I'd like to have my little lodge in Croatia and Greece - beautiful places.

    1. Greece would be lovely too, I'd love to get married there! x


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