Sunday 30 September 2018

October means a number of things to me - sweater weather, spiced lattes, failing at carving pumpkins and an excuse to make everyone around me watch as many scary movies as possible. I still remember when I was like 10 I was secretly watching this vampire movie on TV and I was scared sh*tless for about a week. I've always loved horrors so I feel like I no longer have to run from point A to B in the house after watching one as it takes a lot more to scare me, I still fall for all the jump scares though.  If you're also a horror/thriller movie enthusiast, here's a Halloween movie for you to watch every day throughout October. 

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1. The Conjuring - paranormal investigators help a family get rid of a devil or some paranormal entity in their house.  
2. Sinister - about a house that convinces kids to murder their family in crazy ways and video tape it. 
3. When a Stranger Calls - teenage girl babysits rich kid in a big house in the middle of nowhere and gets a call that someone is in the house to kill her. 
4. The Craft - a cool group of witches doing witchy things. 
5. Veronica - not the ghost that haunted the girl's bathroom in middle school, but a girl who plays the Ouija board and summons an evil spirit into her home (in Spanish). 
6. The House at the End of the Street - Jennifer Lawrence moves to a small town and finds that an accident happened (in the house at the end of the street) and then befriends the only survivor (who's also very cute).
7. It Follows - A curse that gets passed on after you have sexual intercourse with someone - I feel like this movie was a metaphor for STIs.
8. The Babadook - A little boy is convinced the creepy thing in his book is haunting him at night (the boy was creepier in my opinion). 
9. The Orphan - family adopts a 'little orphan girl' who then appears to be more trouble and full of secrets than they expected.
10. Halloween - A man who goes on a killing spree on Halloween night. 
11. Hocus Pocus - the second best Halloween movie. 
12. Lights Out - sister tries to stop the supernatural spirit haunting her little brother that appears to be connected to their mother. 
13. Mother! - couple moves into a new home and then random guests keep appearing - this movie made me feel so uncomfortable/anxious I almost left the cinema. 
14. Berlin Syndrome - girl goes to Germany, has a one night stand and gets kidnapped by the hot German guy.
15. Gone - girl's sister goes missing and she's certain it's the guy who kidnapped her a few years ago who's come back for her sis but the police don't believe her. 
16. IT - creepy clown who takes kids. 
17. Before I Wake - whenever this boy has nightmares the 'monsters' he imagines come to life in the house (this also got really sad really quickly). 
18. Gothika - psychiatrist has an accident and ends up being put in the asylum as a patient because they think she's crazy. 
19. Truth or Dare - truth or dare but deadly. 
20. The Boy - A nanny babysitting a life-sized doll who then appears to be more real than fake. 
21. Get Out - an African-American guy visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, but then he starts to notice a lot of strange things happening around him. 
22. House of Wax - bunch of teenagers camp out near a house of wax and things get waxy - Paris Hilton is also in this. 
23. Don't Breathe - 3 teenagers try to rob a blind man but then get more than they bargained for. 
24. One Missed Call - people start receiving voice mails from their future selves with details of their death. 
25. Blair Witch Project - three film makers go to a forest to document the Blair Witch legend and then leave the footage behind. 
26. Hereditary - a girl gets her head chopped off when she's sticking her head out the window and then some shit happens and then the family starts getting haunted and dark secrets are revealed. 
27. The Witch - A family in 1630s New England and a girl who gets accused of being a witch and using dark magic.
28. The Purge - one night of the year in America where all crime is legal. 
29. The Visit - two teenagers go stay with their 'grandparents' for a week and things start to get really really weird. 
30. Hush - an intruder in a deaf girls house.
31. Halloween Town - the best Halloween movie of all time. If you've never heard of it it's a Disney movie about a half mortal girl who crosses into another realm (HalloweenTown) to help her witchy grandma save the town from something evil.

For more movie ideas you can head to my movie review list. What are some of your all time favourite scary movies? 


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