Tuesday 27 November 2018

Well guys, it has been a hot minute since my last evening rant. I think the last one was about how 'life doesn't have to be exciting all the time' back in July, and now I'm here to talk about how it doesn't have to be a competition either. Once you hit your 20s or have finished university, it feels like it's a race to the finish line on who can snatch up a husband or wife first, who can land the best job out of uni, who can have the most unique travel experience and/or whatever other life experience can be reduced to a 'check - done that'. I'm here to tell you, that nobody is keeping tabs because we don't all want the same things out of life. 

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For me, the biggest stressor in my life right now is getting my driving license. Not because I've necessarily felt like I can't live without it (because I can walk mostly everywhere I need to and I have nothing against public transport) but because 80% of my circle have theirs and the question that always pops up is 'when are you going to get your license?' or 'you're 24 and still don't know how to drive' and I hate feeling like I need to rely on people or being 'the only one who hasn't got their license'. I think a part of me just wants to get the test over and done with so that I can say I've checked that off my 'grown-up list' and not because I am dying to go and drive around in circles in my tiny country. I admittedly also hate being bad at things, and me and reverse up hill parking just don't go well - so I'd rather keep prolonging taking the test rather than failing. Even though only 47.1% of people pass their test first time (yes I just Googled that to make myself feel better) so failing wouldn't mean the end of the world.

Sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent there guys - back to the point. We all know a bit of competition is healthy, in sport and things where it actually matters. When it comes to the way we live our lives the only person we should be competing with is ourselves. If we're constantly trying to outdo one another then we're never going to be happy or satisfied. Whether it be trying to weigh less than your friend who is 20cm shorter than you, not being happy in your job just because you're earning less than your friends, or feeling frustrated because you feel things aren't falling into place for you as soon as it is for others. Just remember what your personal goals are and what is important to you.

I'm at the age where some of my friends are married, two are pregnant, one has landed her dream job, one has found a girlfriend after being single for 25 years, some are about to go travel the world and one has just bought her own house with no help. Do I want all of these things? Yes, but I'm not expecting them all to happen overnight and I'm ok with that. I'm happy to just ride along and we should all be happy going at our own pace, we all get to finish line eventually, tortoise and the hare and all that.


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