Monday 10 December 2018

If you're a regular on my blog, you may have spotted my post the other week about my brunch experience at The Barbary. After a lovely afternoon there, I was very happy to see an email land in my inbox inviting me back to try their dinner menu this time. Straight away I went on their website to check out what was on offer (anyone else look at the menu and decide what they're eating before they've even got to the restaurant?), and I'd already decided in my head on my starter, main and dessert before I'd even confirmed my visit. This time round I decided to take my mum with me and I'm glad I got to treat her to something. For those of you who are yet to visit The Barbary, their menu combines british, mediterranean and north african cuisines to bring us an explosion of flavour, spices and variety. So whether you're looking for some classics like fish and chips or a traditional vegetable Tagine there is something to cater for all palates. 

Whilst getting ready for this my mum asked me what I was wearing and after I told her my outfit choice she was all like 'you're wearing jeans to the Sunborn?!' - so I think she thought we were attending the Captain's dinner on a Cruise ship. The Barbary is a fancy restaurant but it's not pretentious either - it's somewhere you can go to in jeans and a nice top for a catch up with a friend, or dress elegantly for an anniversary dinner. The views in the evening are stunning and it does feel like you're having a fine dining experience on a modern day Titanic.

Once me and mum sat down we contemplated whether to order wine or not - but seeing as it was a Sunday we thought we'd keep it simple with a bottle of H2O. We were presented with the menus, and even though I mentioned I had previously decided on what I was going to order I found myself taking another look through because suddenly I realised there was a lot that looked good and I didn't know what I was in the mood for.

For starter - we shared a mezze plate of smoked aubergine with labneh, dukkah, walnuts pomegranate and cherry tomatoes (£6), and thinking back we should have probably asked for one each because half was not enough, it was delicious. I'm a big fan of pomegranate so anything that has that drizzled on is a yes from me. The flavours were great and the aubergine was cooked to a good level - not too soft or too hard. Originally I was going to opt for the hummus but my mum made a good point that I eat hummus at home on a daily basis and so I should be more adventurous in my choices.

For mains - my mum probably contemplated 3 other dishes before she finally went for the meat surf and turf (£28). I was originally thinking on the cinnamon spiced lamb shank but thinking ahead of dessert - I thought I better choose something lighter. So I went with the jospered sea bass which was accompanied with okra, pomegranate and saffron sour cream (£24). I really enjoyed my meal and the only thing I would have done differently is gone easier on the saffron sour cream as it's quite a strong 'sauce' and it overpowered the fish a bit. Again the pomegranate was a nice touch.

Finally for dessert, we decided to pick one each and then share. I suggested this because I was stuck between the raspberry cheesecake and the hazelnut pannacotta and so I hinted to my mum that these both sounded nice and luckily she agreed. As you can see at the top of this post, the cheesecake did not come in it's traditional layered form - but instead in little cute 'blobs' with crispy quinoa which was a nice touch. It was so thick and creamy that I could have probably have gone for seconds.

I really am a fan of this restaurant and think for a special evening it really is one of the nicest places in Gibraltar. From the service to the views, to the location and quality of the food - it is really an all round great dining experience.

Have you been to The Barbary yet? Where is your favourite place to eat at in Gibraltar?


* I was invited to The Barbary to review their dinner menu but all words and opinions are my own *

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