Saturday 15 December 2018

Most of my inspiration for my blog posts usually comes when I've had a glass of wine or two with friends and we get into a discussion about important world issues like Brexit, what the plan of action is for New Year's Eve and whether we have started using anti-wrinkle creams already. At the weekend, as we sat round my friends house with cheese and wine we got into a debate about plastic surgery, girls on social media, and basically how society has influenced the way we as females need to portray ourselves on the internet and IRL. So I thought I'd put this little post together on things we shouldn't give a damn about just because society says we need to.

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1. How popular you are on the internet. 

You wouldn't throw away a polaroid picture because you didn't get 10 of your friends telling you they loved it would you? So then what is this nonsense of deleting photos on Instagram just because they don't hit a certain amount of likes? I know in the blogging world - your social media is an extended part of your 'business' - so engagement and audience do matter. That being said, I wouldn't be offended if only 20 people liked a photo of my avocado toast. It's a lot more important to have friends and family who value and love you in real life, than on the internet. 

2. How big your 'assets' are.

Nowadays it seems the only acceptable place to store fat in your body is on your boobs or your butt and sadly for most of us, we're not human barbie dolls and these proportions are very hard to achieve naturally. Yes, you can do 50 squats daily and grow that peachy bum you always wanted but sadly you can't grow your boobs with the help of some 5 minute workout. It's almost like if you don't have either of these you're 'less of a woman' or so society makes it out to be. I'm the first to admit I'd like my peaches to grow into melons so they'd be more in proportion with the rest of my figure, but there are days where I'm thankful for what I was given when I'm running up a hill braless or when I can wear a crop top without fearing I'm going to give an impromptu peep show. You just gotta work what you got girls. 

3. Hiding your 'unflattering' body parts.

Just the other day I spotted a magazine with Scarlett Johansson gracing the cover, beautiful as always followed with a picture of her backside circled to point out the 'horror' of her cellulite. I mean for me it was a relief - even goddesses like Scarlett Johansson have cellulite. It's something we should learn to embrace instead of cringing every time we have to flash our bumps, scars and lines to the world - after all 80% of us have one or the other and most of the time you simply can't prevent it. There's also no need to tear down other women for having the confidence to not cover themselves in 30 degree weather and showcase their 'insecurities'. Models like Iskra Lawrence and Charli Howard have been great on social media for promoting body positivity and unfiltered photos.

4.  Feeling guilty for changing things you're unhappy with. 

Now this point is something that is definitely up to the individual. Whilst we should all be happy and proud of the body that we came in, sometimes there are things that we're insecure about that we can change and if we have the means to do it - it shouldn't be anybody's business if we decide to do something about it. I know people who have been judged for getting lip-fillers, but I know for the individual their confidence has been boosted a lot because they felt their lips were like 'two flat lines' before. Or if you're in your 40s and feel like you want to keep your youth for longer then there's no shame in thinking about getting dermal fillers (especially because they're non-invasive). Nowadays people have a lot to say about people getting things done that don't effect them in anyway, but if you think something is going to improve your life and the way you see yourself, then don't let anyone else's opinion cloud your judgement.   

5. What you spend your money on. 

I know I've made a lot of jokes about people buying GG belts on here - but if somebody wanted to gift me one you can bet I'd be flashing it about on my first night out. It's just not something I'd choose to spend my money on, but if designer things are your vice then that's fine. Some people might think me spending 30% of my monthly wages on travelling is silly, but it's what makes me happy and what I enjoy. Maybe I could do with spending less money on buying rounds of shots on Friday nights though.

6. How much/little make-up you're wearing.

You can never win when it comes down to this - leave the house without wearing make-up and people comment on how tired you look and ask if you're feeling a bit under the weather, but if you slap on your favourite red lipstick before 9pm people are making comments on how you look like you're going to a gala dinner with Leo DiCaprio. At the end of the day, who bloody cares - if you love spending 2 hours doing your make-up because it's fun then do it, if you want to wear make-up to the gym (just please take off your foundation) then go ahead, if you prefer the au natural look then god bless your flawless skin. Incase any of my male readers are reading this, IT AIN'T FOR YOU. 

7. Your dating habits. 

Whether you prefer short flings, feel the need to always be in a relationship, or just don't fancy one. Why shouldn't we embrace being single and enjoy meeting new people? and on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable being by yourself and rather be spending your nights tucked up in bed watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with a tub of Morrison's vanilla raspberry ripple ice-cream. Too many people have the idea that finding true love is the only way you'll be happy, but then if you throw yourself out there and have a few fun but crazy nights, you're suddenly judged for being 'too wild'. As long as you're being safe and you're keeping your heart guarded, just do you boo boo. I f you want to hear more of my thoughts on this have a look at my 'this is how we date now' blog post. 



* This post was written in collaboration with The Tooth Doctor but all words and opinions are my own *

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