Tuesday 22 January 2019

As much as I love travelling and I am really excited to be heading on a one way journey to Asia and Australia next week, one thing that I'm worried about is trying to fit my whole life into a backpack. Ok technically we aren't backpacking, we're travelling with nice 20kg suitcases and a hand luggage backpack and hopping from hotel to hotel so it could be worse. That being said, there are going to be times when we will be living out of a backpack and these are some of the items that I think should be a must have in everyones luggage. 

backpacking tips

1. A reusable bag 

Not only will you be helping to save the planet guys, but they can come in handy for many things - carrying your food shop, your lunch, or even double as a beach bag if you don't carry a lot with you (that's what I plan on using anyway). 

2. Packing cubes 

I spoke about these on my blog post on gifts to buy travellers but thought I'd mention them again because they are so practical. These bags allow you to organise your belongings into different compartments, so that you're not searching for your black strappy camisole in a bottomless pit of clothing in your bag. They're pretty inexpensive as well so you can get around 6 of them for 10 pounds from amazon here

3. Mosquito repellent (a good one)

Sadly a few sprays like you'd do with your body spray won't do in Asia because these little f*ckers mean business there. In India I literally covered myself from head to toe, and then I ran out and literally in that one day I got bit 10 times. Jungle Formula are usually good for this sort of stuff. 

4. Biodegradable food packaging.

If you're trying to make more eco friendly choices, then carrying your own biodegradable food packaging can be handy. From coffee cups to bags to take away containers this company has a range of products you can personalise. I have set of bamboo straws I've been taking with me when I travel because you never know when you're going to be served a gin and tonic without a straw on holiday. 

5. Probiotics.

I've been trying to take two a day in the month leading up to my trip but I'm very bad at remembering to do so. If you're travelling to new places where the food is going to be completely different to what you're used to, then it's a good idea to get into the habit of taking these to prevent you from getting ill or an upset stomach. 

6. Imodium tablets.

In other words, tablets you're going to wish you brought if you drink some dodgy water/eat some bad food and need to run for the toilet. When I went to India I was even brushing my teeth with bottled water so didn't need to make use of mine, but I did have to share my tablets with a couple of people who weren't so careful. 

What are some of your travel necessities? 


* This post is written in collaboration with TakeAway Packaging but all words and opinions are my own *

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