Monday 17 December 2018

I have a lot of friends (and myself included) who are always on the move, and during this years Secret Santa one of my friends noted in her wish list 'nothing I can't take with me to Australia next year please!' so I thought I'd write this handy gift guide of presents that are actually useful to people who travel often, or for anyone who ever gets on a plane really. Whether you're looking to splurge on a big gift for a family member, or something to add to a stocking or Secret Santa gift - there's something for everyones budget in this travel gift guide. 

gifts for travel lovers

1. Suitcase

Depending on what your budget is - then a matching set of suitcases would be a perfect gift for someone who travels often. I've just purchased an American Tourister Bon Air Spinner (£129) case and this will be my first time using a hard shell case so we will see how that goes. I do like the number of compartments, the 4 wheel function and that it has a built in code lock. The only issue was that my turquoise case looks a lot more blue IRL so the colour wasn't an exact match. That being said I got it at half price from Sports Direct so can't complain (if not I would have opted for the lilac one).

american tourister bon air
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2. Travel Pillow

These are a must on long-haul flights, although I find that they don't support my neck very well and I end up looking like I'm being possessed when my head falls forward. J-Pillow (£24)* has got rid of this issue with their unique J shaped pillow - which supports your head, neck and chin. It comes in a handy bag so it can be compressed, or if you'd rather keep it handy outside your bag you can attach it there (using up less space in your luggage).

j pillow

3. Packing Cubes

I wish I would have discovered these sooner, as they would have saved me looking through all of my suitcase to find my black top. You can buy a different variety of packing cubes (£10) on Amazon and they are quite affordable for what you get - usually between 5-7.

packing cubes
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4. Travel Wallet

For the amount of travelling I do I have relied for too long on an A5 wallet I took from my little brother's stationery draw. Thankfully Bellroy have now made my documents look a lot more sophisticated with their Travel Folio (£119)*. Their leather zip up wallets have space for 2 passports, 4-8 cards, cash and boarding passes/tickets. They are lined with RFID protection so you can be at ease that your credit cards are protected. The wallet comes with a micro pen that is discretely inserted in the middle, or you have space to fit your own full size pen too. The wallet comes in 4 colours and mine is in the shade 'Tangelo'. Another bonus is that they come with a 3 year warranty. What I thought was also a nice touch was that it brings a fake passport to show you where it fits - but it's actually a little notebook that also contains useful phrases in 8 languages for when you're travelling, cute.

bellroy travel wallet

5. iPad Cover

Because what good is taking your Ipad to entertain yourself on a 4 hour flight when you can't get it to sit properly on the tray table? I made the mistake of not checking the reviews when I bought my cover two years ago and the flap doesn't actually hold the weight of the iPad, so I end up having to balance it awkwardly and hope the passenger in front doesn't move his seat too often. These Moko Ipad Cases (£12.99) are available on Amazon. 

ipad cover
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6. Backpack

If you're looking for a gift for someone who likes to travel hands free then these are always useful, and this one in particular is very practical and inexpensive. Cabin Max's (£30) backpacks come in over 20 colours and are designed to maximise hand luggage allowance on most airlines with its size of 55x40x20cm (44l). It features 3 main lockable zipped compartments, and an organisational pocket featuring 2 zipped internal compartments.
cabin max backpack
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7. Eye-Mask

Especially for long-haul flights, it can be hard to fall asleep if the passenger next to you wants to pull an all nighter and get through a whole season of Narcos. This H&M Eye-Mask (£4.99) is cute AF and would make a great stocking filler. 

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8. Travel Journal

Whether it's filling in my blank paged notebook from Waterstones or my Travel Listography (£18.35) I always enjoy making lists and writing memories from my trips. For anyone who enjoys making lists then this book is great, and has everything from 'interesting people you've met whilst travelling' to 'places in Europe I'd like to visit' to 'lakes, rivers and oceans that I've swam in'. 

travel listography
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9. Kindle 

I've been known to take two books with me when travelling because I'm worried I'm going to finish one and then have nothing else to read on the flight. That's the beauty of a Kindle (£69.99) - you can read as many books as you like and they're all kept in one compact device. These range from the original Kindle, to the Paperwhite and Kindle Fire - depending on what your needs are. 

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10. Travel sized skincare products

I spoke about my Clinique 3 Step Kit (£20) in my summer beauty favourites and I'm still an avid fan. The clarifying lotion works great for drying up excess oil and leaves my skintone feeling even and bright. These are great because even if they're travelling with hand luggage only, they can still fit them in their clear plastic liquid bag. 

clinique 3 step

Which one of these would you find most useful? Who would you buy these for? 



* This post contains gifted items but all words and opinions are my own *

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