Monday 29 April 2019

It's been a hot minute since I've done a blog post asking the readers something, and since I've gone through a slight blog hiatus and have just been spending my spare time in Australia laying on beaches and fan girling that Game of Thrones is back, I thought this would be a fitting question to ask my friends and pester my readers to answer. For those of you who aren't aware of who the white walkers are, just imagine you will be spending your next morning fighting these things and half the cast of the Walking Dead.

white walkers

1. "I'd do Tormund. Then probably call my family to say goodbye. They maybe try heroine." - Nicola

2. "I'd go to all my favourite restaurants and eat all my favourite meals (Bodeguiya, My Wines), then I will make love with my love, then make him give me a foot massage, well a full body massage. Then to help me fall asleep before the big night I'd probably smoke a krippy." - Gabriella

3. "I'd go to Burger King and eat a long chicken, then go to McDonalds for a McFlurry, then Pizza Hut for a slice of Hawaiian. Then go to the petrol station to buy a bottle of Echo Falls Summer Berries and maybe have the company of a nice, suitable, attractive man to keep me company until the sun comes up. Then once the night king has slaughtered me, I'd get him to bring me and Robb Stark back from the dead so we can live happily ever after." - G x

4.  "First I'd fly to Leeds to go sleep with the best lover I've had, and then I'd go and refuel by eating all the gluten infested products that I can't eat but who cares cause I'm going to die anyway." - Mariah

5. "Eat all of the Candy Kittens." - Pavan

6. "I would probably eat my body weight in chocolate and cheese whilst getting drunk and searching the black market for dragon glass. Then make my last meal at La Pampa." - Gabby

7. "Send everyone I know a paragraph of what I actually think of them." - Anna

8. "I'd tell every girl I've slept with that I have chlamydia." - Ben

9. "Probably watch all the Game of Thrones episodes for inspiration on how to survive against the White Walkers. Maybe order a chicken korma as well." - Pete

10. "Tell those I love that I love them/ Make peace with the fact I might definitely die tomorrow . Make sure I have everything prepared. Then sleep with someone. Oh and definitely get drunk, but not too drunk that I'm really hungover." - Jack

11. "Go and spend £1000 on a good bottle of wine." - Brian

12. "I'd stay with the people I love, make love and drink with the people who I will die with the next day. What a night, but what a glorious day to die next morning." - Alex

13. "I'd go to the countryside with my partner and lay looking at the stars, it's what we do when things get tough or tricky. It puts things into perspective, so if it's our last night I'd want to spend it like that." - Lizzie

14. "Have s.e.x., and drink something strong. Let's face it, may as well have fun before it all ends." - Emma

15. "Eat everything I've been craving because who cares I'm going to turn into a white walker anyway" - Christina

16. "Khaleesi." - Arun

17. "I'd do Khaleesi." - Jake

18. "I'd do exactly what Gendry did with Arya, but with Dany." - Umesh

19. "I'd get super drunk to have the confidence to tell my parents everything I did behind their back, and I'd consume an obscene amount of chocolate and carbs. I would build a badass snowman so the white walkers know I mean business. Get to bed early so I could start drinking again before the army of the dead arrives." - Mike

20. "I'd have a fucking long nap. I'm not a Game of Thrones fan but I know enough to know what this means and I'd have a fucking long nap." - Amy

21. "I think I would train hard at the gym, and then eat all my favourite foods incase I die. I don't want to regret the fact that my last meal was terrible." - Amita

22. "Probably ask Dany if I could ride one of her dragons, or at least let me take a ride with her, because it would be a great way to go." - Luke

23. "Spend the rest of my savings on UberEats." - Sam

24. "Probably spend it at home playing Manopoly with my family, that would probably get us through the night." - Alex

25. "Probably go out to my favourite club and get so wasted that I'll be KO for the actual fight and not even be aware of my death." - Chloe

If you haven't seen todays episode yet, I hope your favourite character lives! 



Tuesday 9 April 2019

When planning our route before arriving in Australia, everyone thought it was weird we picked Singapore because it's on the more expensive side than other places in Asia. That being said, Singapore is a common place for airlines to stop over before getting a connecting flight to OZ so it made sense. That, and it's a country you can pretty much explore in a weekend if you were very organised and efficient. After watching Crazy Rich Asians, I more or less had an idea of what the place was going to be like, and I was excited to see all the spots we had seen in the movie in real life. If you're looking to explore Singapore in a few days, here are my tips on where to stay, what to do and where to eat. 

tea with gi singapore guide


If you have an unlimited budget for this trip then the best place you can probably stay is Marina Bay Sands. From the pool to the rooftop bar to the views of the Gardens, it really is luxury at its finest. If you're just hopping around Asia or have the budget of a student, then I'd look at staying in Little India or China Town. 

We stayed at Marrison @ Desker and we were a 10 minute walk from the Little India MRT station which had good connections to the rest of Singapore. We had a triple room which was basically one giant bed, a bathroom and a desk. The property had no lifts so we put our gym regime to the test by having to carry our 20kg suitcases to the second floor ourselves. The reservation included 'free breakfast' which was a token for a Indian naan omelette type thing at the restaurant beside, so not the buffet breakfast I had imagined. 

marrison @ desker

We paid £100 each for 4 nights so we got what we paid for really - a place to sleep that had Wi-Fi, hot water and no bed bugs. 


AM | Gardens By The Bay 

We started out trip by heading to the most photographed place in Singapore - Gardens By The Bay. Here you will find dozens of very tall futuristic trees, gardens and a number of beautiful conservatories. The actual gardens are free to enter, but there is a fee to enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. If you'd like, for 12 SGD (singapore dollars) you can also walk from supertree to supertree with the OCBC Skyway

gardens by the bay

Lunch | Satay by the Bay 

We had to walk like 15 minutes to get here from the Cloud Forest (that's how big GBTB is) and in 30 degree heat there's no better feeling than finally sitting down and eating. Despite the name, you can choose from over 30 food stalls here but as suggested, I ate satay by the bay. Here you can get meals from 10 SGD and I got 12 sticks of chicken satay for that. This was also one of the locations where Nick Young and his pals had dinner in the movie Crazy Rich Asians.

PM | Art Science Museum 

You've probably seen lots of futuristically artsy pictures from this place on Facebook and Instagram - and trying to achieve the same photos in real life wasn't very easy. I do always enjoy museums more when they're interactive (am I 4 or 24?) and it doesn't get more interactive than the Art Science Museum. You can colour in animals and watch them appear on a screen, you can move objects on walls and create music by drawing on a screen and so on. For all of you Instagram lovers, there are a number of very aesthetically pleasing rooms. The one pictured below is more of a walk through, and you're allowed like, 10 seconds before you need to keep walking because there'll be a queue forming behind you. 

art science museum

Dinner | 'The Shoppes' at Marina Bay Sands 

If you are on a budget, then the restaurants in this mall are slightly on the expensive side (we're talking £30+ for a plate of pasta) but the food court at the end has a lot of variety and for 1/3 of the price. I had a katsu curry (not exactly the same as the one we get at Wagamama) for 10 SGD which came with miso soup and white rice. If you're frozen yoghurt and bubble tea obsessed like I am, you can find pretty good ones here. 

marina bay sands food court

Evening | Marina Bay Sands Spectra / Rooftop Bar

As you can see from todays itinerary, you're basically spending the whole day in one area as GBTB and Marina Bay are both within walking distance of each other. However if you plan on dancing into the early hours of the morning then you might wanna nip back to the hotel and shower and maybe change from your converse. The Spectra is a light and water show and you can see this from the balcony of the first floor of the mall. The shows are only 15 minutes long but they really are beautiful. After, I definitely recommend having an overpriced Singapore Sling at the hotels rooftop bar. You have to pay $28 to get up there, and you can use this as a token to buy a drink (the cocktail was $31 so we had to add a few extra bucks on top). There is also a more club type area up here if you fancy a dance too. 

Spectra Showtimes

Sun – Thu: 8pm & 9pm
Fri & Sat: 8pm, 9pm & 10pm
Earth Hour on Sat, Mar 30:
8pm, 9:30pm & 10:30pm


AM | Little India 

If you're looking for some colourful shots for your IG feed then Little India is the place to do so. We did a free walking tour with Monster Tours which gave us more of an insight to what we were actually looking at and the history of Little India in Singapore. Sights included the Former House of Tan Teng Niah (picture below), Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Little India Arcade. These tours run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and they also run tours for China Town, Kampong Glam, Bugis & Bras Basah and the Civic District. 

little india

Lunch | Khansama 

No trip to Little India would be complete without a curry, and we were told Khansama was the best one in town. They have an extensive menu and their portions are big. We made the mistake of ordering a curry each and a rice to share, and to be honest we could have probably had enough with 3 dishes between the 5 of us. Each curry came with a basket of mixed naan breads, so you definitely won't leave this place still hungry.


PM | China Town & Haji Lane 

After lunch we took another metro to Bugis MRT and then walked 10 minutes to find Haji Lane - a very hipster spot in Singapore. Here you'll find an explosion of colour, quirky cafes, vintage shops and a lot of drunk travellers. We were exhausted so we also took this opportunity to sit down and have a cocktail in a Spanish bar playing reggaeton and people watch. After this we took the metro to China Town and just had a walk through the area really. Here you'll be able to see Pagoda Street, Sri Mariamman Temple, the former Opera House, a Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum and the 'Street of the Dead'. 

haji lane

Dinner | Maxwell Centre

In China Town you will find a Hawker Centre (indoor/outdoor food court) which is known for being one of the best ones to try genuine Singaporean dishes that are cheap and tasty. The most popular food stall in Maxwell Hawker Centre is the Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice and it did not disappoint.

Evening | Gardens By The Bay Light Show

After seeing this place in the day I 100% recommend going back in the evening and seeing the light show. The shows take place at 7:45pm and 8:45pm and is free to watch, just find a spot by the Supertree Grove and enjoy. The show theme changes so jump on the website to have a look what's on during your visit. 

gardens by the bay night


Full Day | Sentosa Island

The main attraction here is Universal Studios, but you can also find Adventure Cove Waterpark, iFly Singapore and a variety of other attractions. The park is probably half the size of the one in Florida, but there are handful of good thrill rides including two rollercoasters, The Mummy one and a super cool Transformers simulation one. 

singapore universal

Lunch | anywhere, it's all going to be overpriced and will taste the same 

Dinner | Chili's 

I hadn't eaten here since I lived in Florida in 2015, and honestly we just went into the first restaurant we saw after leaving the park, and I thoroughly enjoyed my buffalo chicken burger. 


  • Singapore accepts US dollars but for a better rate get your currency in Singapore dollars.
  • The metro system is very easy to use and each trip will cost you $1-3. 
  • From the airport, you can order a taxi from the machine depending on your party size. 
  • It's very easy to eat well and cheap in Singapore, just go from Hawker Centre to Hawker Centre!
  • I know you want a tan, but Singapore is very hot and humid - so wear sunscreen and a hat!

Have you ever been to Singapore? What were your highlights?


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Monday 8 April 2019

Ibiza is generally known for its endless celebrations, free-love hippies, drunken ravers and pill-driven electronic music festivals. However, the Balearic paradise has a lot more to offer than just its party scene. It’s still a beautiful European island with unforgettable sunsets and white sand beaches surrounded by endless reserves of dreamy ocean water. 

When the sun comes up and your energy is drained from a night of dancing, it’s time to take a nap before heading out to see some of the many interesting places that call Ibiza their home. From world-class accommodation to tasty cuisine to relaxing beaches, here’s my guide on where to go and what to do in Ibiza.

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Where to Stay

With Ibiza being, well, Ibiza, the last thing you want is to head to bed with the bass from the party next door making new canals through your ears. Fortunately, there are a few great accommodation options that offer the peace and quiet you need after an intense night out. 

For example, Loyal Villas Luxury has a great database of accommodation options for you to choose from, including the renowned Alcestis Villa. This calm, sophisticated villa is nestled in the mountains of Ibiza, offering breathtaking ocean views and world-class amenities. It’s also close to local restaurants, beaches and clubs, making for the perfect retreat.

Where to Relax

Aside from the generous offering of over 50 beaches, Ibiza has a number of tranquil locations that most tourists are too busy to ever notice. This includes cycling and horse-riding trails, hot air balloon rides and humble countryside villages that will refresh your mind and give you a new perspective of life on the island.

If you prefer a more commercial approach to relaxation, it’s no surprise that Ibiza has you covered. Aguas de Ibiza Spa, Rock Spa and Atzar√≥ Natural Spa are all popular choices offering the very best in luxury spa treatments. Aguas de Ibiza Spa even features a gym with meditation, ballet and pilates classes, as well as tons of different bath and shower options.

Where to Shop

Located in Las Dalias is the hippy market, where you can find all sorts of different odds and ends, as well as plenty of local art, clothing and jewellery that’s unique to the island. Be sure to make a stop at the beach town, where you’ll find a variety of great shops, restaurants and bars. Speaking of restaurants, let’s take a look at where you should eat in Ibiza.

Where to Eat

It’s no surprise that Ibiza is home to countless restaurants all vying to fill the stomachs of their hungover visitors. San Antonio’s Skinny Kitchen is a popular option, with hearty meals such as their famous protein pancakes. 

If you’re in Playa d’en Bossa, be sure to stop at Beachouse. Those who find themselves in Talamanca should take a stop at Izakaya, where you’ll be spoiled for choice by the variety of unique Japanese and Dutch fusion treats. 

These are just some of the countless options you’ll have during your stay in Ibiza. With places like these, partying might just become the last thing on your mind. 

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