Friday 14 June 2019

From being savvy about moneys to navigating hefty crowds, there are a few tricks you can learn to really get the best out of your next visit to Bali. Here’s our top list!

1. Be prepared for crowds.

Golden Hour
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Bali is one of the most touristed islands on our planet! While it is difficult to escape the heaving crowds, if you’re determined to find solitude, you will succeed. There are still plenty of secluded corners beyond big tourist areas like Ubud. Our top tip is to head to the central mountains, or even the west or north coasts.

2. Carefully consider your base.

Put some thought into where you plan on basing yourself. You’re in for hot weather and bustling traffic, so you might want to stick close to your accommodation so you can wander around on foot easily enough. Consider Bali villas by Cantik as the perfect base from which to explore the islands.

3. Expect a bout of Bali belly.

It used to be that things like meat, ice cubes and salads would bring on bouts of Bali belly. Expect it, but here’s some good news. Hygiene standards have improved significantly across the island and you can now get good quality organic produce. Just remember to stay hydrated, possibly stay away from street food and, at all costs, avoid the local liquor called arak.

4. Get dressed up.

Beachwear isn’t the norm in every spot in Bali. Some of the high-end restaurants, clubs and bars actually do enforce a dress code. If you’re not sure, you can always phone the place you plan to visit and find out ahead of time.

5. Respect the customs.

Religion is a very big deal in Bali. Don’t get worked up when you come across a blocked-off street where a ceremony’s being held, or your taxi driver pulls over to make a quick blessing. It’s all part of Bali life. Look up the main events before deciding when to visit. Nyepi, for example, sees everything in Bali, even the airport, completely closing down for the day. Remember to dress modestly, too, especially when visiting holy sites and temples.

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6. Prepare for varied prices.

You definitely can visit Bali on a tight budget, but you can just as easily spend big on spa treatments and delicious meals. The best tip is to look out for online discounts, coupons and happy hour specials.

7. Watch out for the wildlife.

Give way to wild and stray animals. Sure, they’re cute, but they could have rabies and other diseases, and those Bali monkeys are notorious thieves!

8. Stay away from plastic bottles.

Bali is hot and humid, which means you need to stay hydrated. Just consider the environment before you buy another plastic bottle. Instead, help reduce litter on Bali beaches and in towns and get yourself a stainless-steel, refillable bottle that’ll keep your water cold, too.

9. Learn a few words.

A few basic words of Indonesian will go a long way during your travels.

10. You’re expected to bargain.

There are plenty of services and items you’re expected to Bargain for in Bali. Just be respectful about it. Figure out when a vendor has reached their limit with bargaining and stop right there. If you’re in any doubt, rather walk away. If the vendor doesn’t run after you, just know they’re not going to drop their price more.

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With these 10 tips, you’re sure to get more out of your Bali visits.

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