Friday 30 August 2019

Writing this post has made me realise just how long I've been blogging for, as this is the 4th edition of realising thingz on my birthday. After writing this post I had a look back at what I wrote previous years, and turns out 22 year old me pretty much felt the same way about life that I do now (although I probably put up with more crap back then). This year I felt incredibly lucky to be spending my birthday in Fiji, and started compiling this list on notes on my phone whilst sunbathing on the beach. I was so into it that I didn't realise my legs were turning a nice shade of Heinz ketchup. Anyway, here's the post! 

tea with gi

1. Don't compare where you are in your life to others, your goals and the things you want may be very different. 

2. Don't skip out on the high factor cream on your holiday, or you'll be a burnt gamba (prawn) on your first day and have to sit in the shade for the rest of it. 

3. You shouldn't need to double text anyone, if they're not giving out the same energy as you then drop them/let them go. 

4. Learn to be comfortable doing things by yourself - going to the cinema, a restaurant, a concert. Don't miss out on things you want to do. 

5. You don't need to speak to your friends everyday to be a good friend, but a 'how are you' goes a long way. 

6. Your worth is not equivalent to the number of likes you get on Instagram. 

7. It's ok if you still haven't figured out what you want to do for the rest of your life.

8. Don't settle - even if that means being single until you're 30! You've hopefully got another 40 years of being committed to someone so make the most of the time you have with yourself. 

9. If you want to go somewhere or try something new, NOW is the time. Don't wait around for someone else to do it with you because you might be waiting forever. 

10. Accept your friends' annoying habits, you have some too. 

11. Party as little or as often as you like, there's no age limit on having a good time. 

12. Moving away won't solve all of your problems if you don't change your mindset. 

13. Just because someone you fancy is tall doesn't mean they're over 21, always ask for their ID. 

14. Use your disposable income on experiences, when you're on your death bed you won't be thinking about all of the designer shoes you have in your wardrobe. 

15. Learn to do nice things for people without expecting anything in return (or having to post about it on the internet).

16. Compliment your friends and strangers more often. 

17. Being the friend that's 'always late' isn't a cute quirk, stop wasting people's time. 

18. Tell people how you actually feel.

19. Pay attention to the people who bring out the good sides of your personality (and those that don't). 

20. Say 'I love you' more often to the people closest to you, not just your significant other. 

21. Remember to bring your reusable bag to the supermarket!

22. Don't be afraid to repeat an outfit, your bank account and the environment will thank you. 

23. Stop trying to please everyone, you'll end up letting more people down. 
24. It's still possible to make new friends as adults, branch out of your social circle once in a while. 

25. Nourish your body, do your cardio and drink your water. Say yes to birthday cake, dinner with friends and it's totally ok to go for seconds and thirds at a buffet when you're paying for it. Speaking of cake, the lovely people at The Mason Baker sent me a bunch of jar cakes to celebrate my birthday with and I might have tried all of them in one evening. I don't think I could pick a favourite. The Sticky Date Pudding was a nice surprise! Although The Cookie Jar went the quickest!!

the mason baker

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