Monday 7 October 2019

As an avid gym goer, protein shakes are one of the 'supplements' I take daily to help with my recovery and to get those lean gainz. There are people who simply enjoy downing protein powder mixed with water straight after the gym and that's that. I am not that organised and I like to spice mine up a bit. Here are five smoothie recipes that contain more than 20g of protein that I have on a regular basis. 

1. Chocolate & Strawberry Smoothie 

I'm a big chocaholic, and back home I always find myself ordering the Cupid Kiss smoothie from Joost. For this smoothie I used Inca Organics' Raw Cacao Protein Powderthat only use 3 ingredients in their product. Organic whey protein, fair trade cacao powder and stevia. You can taste the good quality and you don't get any of that 'powdery protein' taste that you find with some cheaper protein powders. The fact that it includes cacao powder means I don't have to reach for the drinking chocolate powder which of course, is slightly heavier in calories. 

chocolate and strawberry protein smoothie

2. Blueberry Oats Smoothie 

This one is rather filling, so if like me you prefer a more refreshing breakfast in the hotter months this one is perfect. Here I used Ultimately Natural's Cinnamon Banana* protein blend. I can easily drink this with just half a banana thrown into it for thickness, because it actually tastes like you're drinking a smoothie and not just a protein shake. Again it just has a handful of ingredients - whey protein, banana, agave, manuka honey, cinnamon and stevia - so all the good stuff! If you prefer a hot breakfast, you could also mix a scoop of this into your porridge. 

blueberry oats protein smoothie

3. Green Smoothie

I don't actually make green smoothies very often, but I eat a **** load of spinach anyway so I'm excused! I tried this one out and was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and the fact that it didn't taste like green veg at all. 

spinach and pineapple green smoothie

4. Mocha Protein Shake 

I've been having this a lot lately because coffee doesn't appeal to me much on hot days (unless we're talking about iced coffee). But I still need that little boost of energy so this is the perfect way to get it whilst also getting a good amount of protein in. Think of it as a healthier frappuccino! 

mocha protein shake

5. Chocolate Avocado Protein Pudding 

I know what you're thinking, avocado in a smoothie? I actually find it makes the texture a lot nicer and creamier than bananas do, so it's a great alternative if you're following a keto diet or just don't like bananas all that much. I used to ask for this custom smoothie all the time (more milk/water so it wasn't a pudding) and for some reason it tasted like a chocolate doughnut, so I wasn't complaining. 

chocolate chia pudding

What are some of your favourite smoothie recipes? Which one of these do you think you'd enjoy most? 


* This post contains gifted items but all words and opinions are my own.

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