Sunday 13 October 2019

[Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted product but all words and opinions are still mine and honest]

I was only introduced to the world of LED light therapy two months ago, when I went for a treatment at The Loft Beauty. I'd also been exposed to the red light therapy when I went to a thermal spa in Bucharest where there was an area to lay on hammocks that had the red light shining on you from above. I had no idea the benefits of it back then and just remember lying there thinking 'I don't know what this is doing, but it's making me feel very calm and sleepy.'

When I came across Dermatec's Personal LED product on Instagram I was very intrigued. I thought this is perfect, I don't even have to get out of bed to use this! I'm always a bit skeptical of 'at home' devices. After doing a bit of research on the product and the reviews it had received, I saw it was working for a lot of people. So when Dermatec kindly sent me an LED personal device for me to try and see the benefits for myself, I very quickly made this product part of my night time routine! I've detailed a bit more about the product below, what LED light therapy is, and of course what I made of the product. 

How does a LED Light Therapy device work?

A personal LED is a photodynamic therapy device that harnesses light energy to improve the skin. The blue (417nm) and red (633nm) lights target specific skin concerns such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles, collagen renewal, acne clearance, rosacea and even mild psoriasis. 

The light energy stimulates your skin cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves. Whilst using the device you only feel a light sense of heat hitting your skin but it's not uncomfortable or painful at all, but rather quite relaxing. 

How I use the Personal LED

I find the best time for me to use this is before bed, after I've cleansed my skin, showered and changed into my PJs. You simply click a button to switch it on, and then select the duration you want the light on for (1min, 3 mins or 5 mins). You also get a pair of black eye goggles as the blue light can be damaging if you look directly into it for an excessive amount of time. I usually use it around my chin and neck area whilst reading a book (it doubles as a great reading light haha!). Then when I move onto the areas closer to my eyes I put the goggles on and put on a podcast or listen to Lana Del Rey or something to get me ready to sleep. 

My thoughts on the Personal LED 

Admittedly at first, I thought 'how is a light hitting my face going to actually change anything on my skin?'. I think when you're having a treatment done that doesn't involve product to skin contact it's always easy to be a bit skeptical. It took a while for me to get into the routine of using it daily as I kept using the excuse of 'not having time' or forgetting to charge it. But with everything, it's all about creating a new habit and sticking to it. So now I charge the device every night after I use it the same way as I put my phone to charge, and make time for using it the same way as I cleanse my face every night. 

I've been using the device for a month now and I think the biggest improvement I've seen is a reduction in redness on my face. I feel like I have more of a bright and clear complexion. Your 20s are all about prevention - so I'm hoping this device will delay those wrinkles and lines we all have to deal with as we age! In terms of spots, I have a few in my chin area that I get due to hormones and I haven't really seen a change in that. 

The verdict

The product retails at $349 (AUD) and comes with a 1 year warranty and 60 day money back guarantee. Considering a session of LED at a salon can cost you upwards of $70 (AUD), it really is a good investment. I'd say if you had really bad acne or don't get any beauty treatments done then this probably isn't the product for you. Otherwise, I think it's a great product for daily use and it's so portable that you can do it pretty much anywhere - so it also makes for a great travel accessory (and you don't have to use up your liquid allowance for it!). I'm going to continue using it and at the end of the year I will probably post an update on my Instagram stories - so make sure you're following me at Tea With Gi

Have you ever tried LED light therapy?


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