Sunday 17 November 2019

[Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Schofields but all words and opinions are still mine and honest]

A question I get asked a lot is, 'how can you afford to travel so much?' and to be honest I don't just have one answer, nor do I have a lot of money lying around! It comes down to a couple of things, saving before the trip, cutting costs whilst travelling and then boosting your income whilst you're off galavanting the world. If you're looking to leave home for more than a month or want to live the dream of continuously travelling that most of us want to achieve, here are a couple of ways you can do that. 

how to keep earning money whilst travelling

1. Find casual work.

If you're planning on staying in one city for at least a month, then there are a couple of jobs that will hire you casually for the short-term. For example in Australia, Pinnacle People are a hospitality agency that are always looking for people for event staff - stewarding, kitchen hands, food and beverage assistants. AirTasker and SideKicker also operate around Australia but extend to loads of other casual jobs too - helping move furniture, gardening, ticketing, ushering etc! A quick Google search of 'temp/casual work in ___' will help you out. 

2. Consider putting up your house on AirBnB.

If you're leaving an apartment or house behind then why not make some extra money instead? Unless you're living in a house share, I don't think your housemates would appreciate random people walking in and out of your house on the regular. A study by Schofields noted that Instagram is now a really effective way to promote your holiday home or airbnb apartment, so adding some little 'instagramable' touches will help when it comes to getting your place booked. I'm all about the indoor plants, bookshelf's and vinyl records on the wall - so that would get me booking!

3. Au Pair.

This is what I'm currently doing in Australia (I'll be doing another post about that soon) and I've loved it. Although if you 'hate kids' then move on to number 4. An au pair is someone who lives with a host family to provide childcare, and in return you get food, accommodation and weekly pocket money depending on your hours. There are tons of Facebook groups connecting families and au-pairs or the website has opportunities all over the globe

4. Use affiliate marketing.

This is something that requires 1% effort (to sign up) and can still give you some form of income. I can guarantee you that most websites you or your friends/family shop or book on have some sort of affiliate partnership programme. I use, skyscanner, klook, GetYourGuide to name a few. How it works is that every time you or someone else uses your link to purchase something through their website, you get a little bit of commission for it. 

5. Find a digital side hustle. 

Now I'm not going to tell you to take 2 hours out of your day to fill out surveys online that pay you 5p per questionnaire (can't believe 15 year old me fell for that.) I could tell you to start a blog on anything that you enjoy which you could eventually monetize, but not everyone enjoys writing. There are websites out there that you can get paid to do a variety of jobs including translating, graphic design, videography etc that pay. So it's just a case of finding what works for you!

Have you tried any of these on your travels? If not are there other ways you try to earn money whilst you are travelling? 


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