Monday 18 November 2019

[Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted product for review but all words and opinions are still mine and honest]

I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. The only time I brush it is when I'm doing something social and have to get rid of the kinks in my hair from having my hair in a bun all the time. The same goes for styling it, whenever I'm going on a night out I say I want to make an extra effort to look nice and change up my hair, but when it comes down to actually straightening it I then decide 'eh actually it looks fine like this'. If you've been seeing my posts on Instagram, you might have seen I recently had a lot of blonde put into my hair after having a variation of 'red' dyed hair for around 10 years. As any blonde can tell you, having light hair requires a lot more maintenance and you'll usually have to invest in more products than your simple shampoo and conditioner. The O'WOW Kit was great because you only need to use the treatment once and the results will last up to 3 months. They kindly gifted me the set for me to try and share my thoughts with you guys. 

owow hair kit

A little bit about O'Wow

The O'Wow at home treatment is designed to treat frizzy and damaged hair over the course of one or two treatments. The end result is hair that is left shiny, silky and smooth with results lasting up to three months. The kit contains a 100ml soothing serum (the magic product), a 100ml shampoo and a 100ml conditioner. Their products are sulphate free and consist of Brazilian botanical bioactive ingredients to lock in moisture. Part of the process involves straightening your hair after so you will need an iron handy.

My experience and results with the O'Wow Kit 

I'm glad I read the how-to for this or I would have gone about this completely wrong. I thought I read that your hair shouldn't be washed 48 hours before the treatment but alas, they meant after. So Thursday night the whole process took me around 3 hours as I had to do the following:

1. Wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner.
2. Dry hair.
3. Apply smoothing serum all over hair (hair must be completely covered, most of the bottle should be used).
4. Rinse hair with water.
5. Dry hair.
6. Use a straightening iron to go over a thin section of hair a couple of times.

I have very thick hair, so for me to go over each section 8 times as instructed would take me a very long time. After dying my hair so many times it's also on the dryer side so I didn't want to use too much heat. So I probably went over each section 3 times. I definitely noticed that my hair was smoother and even after a week it still feels silkier than it was before. I had a friend comment on Friday when we went to RnB Friday's that my hair was looking very shiny so someone else noticing is always a bonus!

I think with these things it's always going to depend on the persons hair type, and on their website you can see some people have had incredible results. The product is priced at £64.90 which might seem a bit hefty, but if you're someone who regularly gets salon treatments or buys expensive hair products then this is probably worth investing in, as you'll only need to use it once.

What would I tell my friend?

If your hair is damaged or you use heat products a lot then go for it, even if you just use it once a year. If you've got natural hair and you don't really have any problems with it then I probably wouldn't justify spending £65 on it.


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