Wednesday 20 November 2019

[Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted product for review but all words and opinions are still mine and honest]

I've heard a lot about CBD (cannabidiol) products over the past year and it seems to be making its way into every industry. It's no surprise why as it's been linked to a plethora of health benefits that affect most of us to some extent. Lately I've been more selective with what brands I work with, and when mistatera asked if I would like to review their 5% CBD oil I was actually really excited to try it as I had never used any products with the cannabidiol yet.

mistatera cbd oil

What are the benefits of CBD? 

I think the first think to state is that taking CBD oil isn't going to leave you feeling like Snoop Dogg or with the munchies, so if that's what you're looking for you're not going to get it from taking this. However, some of the more useful benefits include relief from chronic pain and inflammation, help with anxiety and depression, reduction in stress and a lot of medical practices have also introduced cbd as a treatment for diseases and medical conditions. I am not a doctor so I don't want to go into the findings from the research, but there is a lot of studies out there how it has helped with alzheimer's, pain relief and the slowing down of cancerous cells. It definitely makes for an interesting read!

About Mistatera

Mistatera is a Slovenian based company specialising in CBD products. They focus on the prevention of medical conditions with the use of cbd oil as opposed to just how they can help or cure them. They believe that by having a healthy body and a sound mind we can improve our quality of life and simply 'live better'. Their products come in 5% and 11% doses and they ship to several countries. If your symptoms are more severe then you might want to consider using a higher dosage. 

mistatera cbd oil

Mistatera CBD Oil (5%) 

(£39.27 - currently £27.00)

The 5% oil comes in a 10ml bottle (strength of 500mg) and it is suggested to take 1-3 drops per day depending on how mild/severe your symptoms or problems are. It might take a bit of trial and error to see what works for you and what dosage is right. The product is designed to reduce stress and relax you, raise your metabolism, ease pain and increase 'happiness' as it affects how your brain's chemical receptors respond.  The product is 100% made of plant origin so it is vegan and gluten-free

My thoughts on Mistatera CBD Oil

First of all, I'm in love with the emerald green packaging, it's very aesthetically pleasing. On the the actual product, my main interest for taking CBD oil was to help with my sleep, as I usually find myself tossing and turning a lot before eventually falling asleep. I think it's down to my brain not being able to 'shut up' and I find it very hard to just chill out. I'm enjoying it so far and have found that adding this to my night time routine and having a drop of this and then reading before bed is helping a lot. I'm not going to lie to you, the first time I tried this I pulled a face, but then again I did the same with apple cider vinegar and now I drink it every morning like I'm downing a glass of cold water. The taste just takes some getting used to! Another benefit which I noticed and then read up on to see if they were linked, is that it has helped with my migraines. I felt one coming and since I read up about how it's linked to pain relief I had a drop and soon after, the pain was gone. I remember a friend recommending the cbd oil a while back for migraines too so this has been great for me, as sometimes painkillers don't do the job. 

mistatera cbd oil review

I think this is one of those products that everyone can benefit from, as it doesn't have any bad side effects nor is it addictive. It's affordable and accessible and I think this is definitely a product I'm going to keep using and implementing into my daily routine. I think the benefits of cbd have been widely discussed and there are lots of medicinal plants that are being discovered. 

Have you ever tried and CBD products for yourself?


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