Thursday 21 November 2019

[Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items for review but all words and opinions are still mine and honest]

Last year I wrote a blog post on 10 gifts for frequent travellers and I'm back again this year with some more travel accessories and gadgets that I think are great to bring along when you're travelling (but also make great gifts too). Next month I set off on my 3 month journey and even though I've got a total of 27kg to bring with me, there are some items which I consider necessary to bring for comfort, practicability and just making things that little bit easier.

best travel accessories

1. A modern travel pillow. 

I say modern, because long gone are the days where you could get by with your regular U shaped neck pillow. I never carried one of those with me because to be honest, I didn't find them comfortable and sleeping against the airplane window worked just as well. That being said, there are now so many innovative products to help with comfort when travelling, and Face Cradle* are one of them. Their sleeping pillow can be adjusted into 5+ different modes (see how here) depending on your sleeping preference, snoozing mode has worked the best for me! It's honestly changed the game of travelling as it's so easy to get comfortable and naturally, as we sleep we often toss and turn. The great thing about this is that you can play with the product until you find what works for you and adjust it depending on how you want to position yourself when travelling.

face cradle travel pillow review

2. Noise cancelling headphones (and earplugs). 

I used to think I would never wear those over the head headphones outside of the gym because I would look ridiculous, until I tried to watch a movie using my earphones on a plane. Between the noise of the engine and the man snoring beside me I had to result to using subtitles. If you're planning on staying in hostels or just find it hard to sleep when you're travelling if there's noise around then picking up some cheap earplugs will do wonders.  

3. Sleeping mask. 

Just make sure you buy one that doesn't squash your nose. I'm in love with my unicorn eye mask from Nomad Life Hacks. I'm going to be staying in a lot of hostels on my trip so this is probably what I'm going to put in my backpack first, as there will be people coming in and out of the room at all hours. 

4. Universal adapter. 

The last thing you want on your trip is to get somewhere and realise your plug isn't compatible. If you're travelling to several destinations the best thing to do is get a universal adapter online. Another good idea (if you've got the space) is to bring an extension cable if you have a lot of things to charge as we all know sometimes hotel/hostel rooms can be stingy with their sockets. 

5. Packing cubes. 

These have changes the packing game for me! These are especially handy if you need quick access to things, as you won't have to be searching around your suitcase to find something. They're pretty inexpensive and you can find a lot on amazon

6. Microfibre towels. 

Whenever I go to the beach I bring my little black backpack and my friends always hit me with the same question - did you bring a towel? Microfibre towels are so compact and weigh a lot less than your regular beach towel. I carry one for the beach and a smaller fast drying towel* for my face.

nomad life hacks travel accessories

7. An aluminium water bottle. 

Cheaper than buying a bottle of water every day and you're helping the environment (unless the tap water isn't safe in your destination). It's also a great idea to bring an empty one with you to the airport and once you're through security fill it up there. 

8. Waterproof bag. 

If you're bringing a couple of cosmetics then it's good to store them in a waterproof bag* so on the off chance that the bottle opens you won't have your liquids running everywhere. They're also handy to keep wet swimsuits in! 

9. A tripod/selfie stick. 

We all laughed at these, but I'm going to be doing a bit of solo travelling and there will be times where there will be no one around to take my photos for me! Using a tripod that's compatible with your phone also means you can get great photos with landmarks without having an awkward arm on the side. 

10. Portable charger. 

We all know this is one of the most important things to bring along on a trip, yet most of us forget it! Pack it first and make sure it's charged!

Do you usually pack all of these things? What are some of your favourite travel accessories to bring along? 

travel accessories to bring

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