Wednesday 18 February 2015

So this was requested by a few of you (those of you who are aware of my hoarding of lipsticks) and I tend to get asked a lot what shade of lipstick i'm wearing when i'm out and about, so after much consideration I narrowed it down to my 5 favourite MAC lipsticks!


I feel like the swatches here make the colours seem a lot more glossy than they actually are so along with each lipstick i've included a try on as well, note all lips are different so it might not look the same on you! 

1. Craving 

This one has to be my all time favourite and i've probably purchased it around 8 times because i wear it almost every single day! It's a colour that can be used both during the day and night and gives a pinky nudey tone that looks great with a bronzed or pink blush and a neutral eye. This lipstick is very similar to two other lipsticks I own captive and plumful but I feel like craving gives a more pigmented colour. 

2. Velvet Teddy 

So this lipstick was recommended to me by my friend Kirsty and after having tried it on at her house I felt like I needed to add this nude lipstick to my collection. I'm usually not a fan of nude's as I feel they wash me out but this one seems to complement most skin tones and also happens to be a favourite of Kendall Jenner! I team this lipstick with the MAC Subculture lip liner but also looks great with whirl.

3. Dare You

My sister actually bought me this for my 19th birthday and i've been in love with it ever since, it's also a bonus that it matches my hair colour! It is one of the "cremesheen" lipsticks so gives off a slightly glossy effect which goes great with the deep red colour. I usually leave this for the night or special occasions and team it with a gold/brown smokey eye or a dark purple smokey eye depending how drastic you want to make your look. This looks great with a slightly darker lip-liner such as Follow your heart or Cherry.

4. Rebel

This is definitely my go to purple lipstick and is great if you want to experiment with a new colour but don't want it to be too out there! It's a dark purple that looks great with a neutral or purple smokey eye and with golden highlighted cheeks. I team this one with the Current MAC lip-liner.


5. Viva Glam 3

I just recently bought this and was the first one I had bought from the viva glam collection. As mentioned I love my dark reds and this is great if you want to go for that gothic vampy look. It's a matte lipstick and looks pretty messy unless you use a lip liner with it and for that I would also recommend using Current in that it matches the shade. Similarly to Rebel this also looks good with a dark smokey eye or a neutral golden brown. 

Hope this was useful to you guys and i'd love to hear what some of your favourite lipsticks are! If there's anything you'd like to request just drop me a message or leave a comment below! 


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Sunday 15 February 2015

So along with half of my Facebook friends I spent half of my Valentine's Day at the cinema watching this delight. I'd heard a lot of mixed reviews about this and had only managed to get through half of the first book but I never managed to get into it when everyone was hyping over it. I must say I was curious to see the movie and frankly didn't know what to expect (other than the obvious)

Let me first say how gorgeous is Jamie Dornan? At first I was a bit skeptical about him playing Mr Grey in that he seemed too "cute" and baby faced, but boy was I wrong. He managed to pull off sexy very well, that being said there were a few lines where we all felt like "did he really just say that? well that ruined everything"

From what i've heard it's not as heavy as the books and I guess it wouldn't be THAT embarrassing to watch with your mother, I mean from what i've heard every mother out there seems to have read this book. Some scenes seemed a bit irrelevant and dragged on a little, but hey with good eye candy who cares right?

My favourite thing about this movie HAS to be the soundtrack, definitely made the whole thing less cringe-worthy. Not to mention the running commentary from the people at the cinema, including one guy stating "she needs to shave her legs and pubes" which then resulted in his girlfriend slapping him and ranting on about how women can be natural if they want to be. Also mid sex-scene a father decided it was a good idea to bring his 3 young kids in, it took him a while to process they were in the wrong movie theatre and that the movie wasn't exactly appropriate for 12 year olds.

VERDICT: Watch it if you have some spare money and have nothing else to do that day, or if you don't wanna be excluded from conversations everywhere for the next couple of weeks.


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Friday 13 February 2015

Okay so, I decided to add this section to my blog because I get asked daily for movie recommendations from my friends and somehow never seem to be able to come up with any on the spot. So I thought this was a handy way to keep my favourites in one place and also give you guys a chance to enjoy them too if you haven't heard of them!

 This movie was in cinemas in October in the UK and i was dying to go see it, and so that was the plan for the night until I was suddenly third wheeling with my best friend and her boyfriend, who strangely thought this would be too much of a "chick flick" and so we decided to watch "Gone Girl" (which is also an amazing movie). Annoyingly Love, Rosie hadn't been online for AGES so i've only just been able to watch it as it's just been released in US cinemas (kindly note that Gone Girl was already online come November, so you can understand my frustration.)

 At first glance this movie seems like your typical "boy and girl fall in love and live happily every after" storyline, but there is definitely a lot more too it than that and I shed my fair amount of tears throughout. It's a movie that has it's funny cringe worthy moments, parts where you will wish you had a boyfriend, dramatic scenes where you're glad you don't have a boyfriend and scenes where you just wanna punch -insert said character- in the face.

If that's not enough to make you want to watch it, valentine's day is coming up and if you have no one to spend it with why not spend it with the gorgeous Lily Collins (her eyebrow game is so strong) and that sexy shirtless guy from the Hunger Games Sam Claflin. After watching the movie i also ordered the book in which it is based on "Where Rainbows End" so once I am done with that I shall give you my verdict!

 If you've seen it what were your thoughts on this film?
 What are your go to romance movies and who actually has some exciting plans for Valentine's Day?!


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Thursday 12 February 2015

Any of you who follow the TV series "Girls" are probably aware of Lena Dunham and her out there personality. Her book isn't far from her character Hannah in the show. A friend recommended this to me and as a big fan of her show and the occasional chuckle I get from her tweets, I thought this book was probably something I should check out!

Overall it was a funny, TMI, relatable book that shows you celebrities go through the same (and worse) embarrassing situations, mishaps and bad days as us, and touches upon everything from her love life, to the struggles with her weight, family life and just life in general. There are some parts that you'll be thinking, "EW why would she share that with us" but that's kind of why I admire her too, she literally doesn't give a shite about anything. 

Some parts interested me more than others and it kind of dragged a bit towards the end, but I still recommend it to anyone who's looking for a few giggles and wants to get their nose into someone else's life! (and you're over like 16) 

I've just started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn after having watched the movie twice, so look out for that review soon! :)


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