Tuesday 19 May 2015

Ah Tinder, if you don't have it, your best friend, your flatmate or that guy sat next to you on the train does. For a lot of people it's a quick fix for a lonely night, but having said that there are quite a few people who have had successful relationships off of it! So I decided to download the app and after a few pretty odd messages, I found a few people who were ready to share their experiences with the dating app! (as well as some of my friends who were willing to spill everything under a fake identity of course) 

1. 20 / F / London

Tinder, tinder, tinder. What can I say? Firstly, the Americans use it in a completely different way to the Brits. And by that I mean that they actually use it. They take it seriously. I however did not know this, so when as guy I had been talking to asked if I wanted to meet up, I responded with 'why? So you can kill me?' But strangely enough, this comment went down a treat and we did actually end up going on a "date." I put it in inverted commas because I don't really know if it can be called that. He picked me up in his car and... We drove around for 2 hours. Yes we got on well but couldn't we have done something better than just sit in your car?! Since then I have actually had 2 much better dates and one that I have met up with several times since. Now that I am travelling round the U.S. I have found that tinder is actually a great way to chat to locals from the area and to get the low down on all the good spots to go to!!! I give tinder FIVE STARS! I LOVE IT 

2. 24 / M / London

Colombia - I was the damsel in distress and I spoke very little Spanish. She began messaging me, the usual where you from bla bla. Back then, her english was pretty impressive. Upon meeting her, I immediately realised her English was not as good as one would have thought... In fact it was immediately evident that she didn't speak a word of english, and it was intact google translate that was doing the talking. Eventually we went back to my apartment and we watched family guy with subtitles. She then typed on her phone that she was sorry after which things turned very forward on her part, when she wrote the word Sex on her phone (which never happened btw) But no that wasn't the end of her, she stalked me for a few weeks later and left chocolates and flowers at reception for me and a note, I had to let her down gently with the help of my spanish speaking friends. Moral of the story, Colombian women obviously dig the British accent. 

3. 21 / M / Orlando 

So "jennifer the one who holds fire" that's what her contact says in my phone. So I get matched with her and her bio is like I'm just trying to chill. So me and my boys were looking to go out for hookah so I hit her up straight up you wanna chill. And she wasn't that hot but it's like whatever were making friends. I'm not about hookups and shit so I invite her. And she tells me to bring a few tennis balls that day. So without a clear answer I do as she says. I did notice half of her pictures had fire in it but didn't realize it at the moment. So we meet smoke some hookah downtown Orlando and we go to some abandoned house like 4 of us. She pulls out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pours it all over the tennis balls and lights them on fire and starts tossing them all over the place. Then she lights the floor on fire. Then she tried to find a way to get invited to my house at like 2 am and have sex but I totally rejected and left. So a week or so later she comes to my house when I'm throwing a little get together with friends. So we start drinking and then she says to go outside and break bottles. So me being drunk I say ok so we go to these woods she brings a fucking baseball bat out of her car and starts smashing all these bottles and lights some on fire. And that night she tried to stay over again which I totally played dumb and rejected so since then haven't chilled with her lol she booty called me before I left to Norway but it was too late. So that's the crazy fire girl that is super violent and straight forward.

4. 20 / M / France

Matched with one of my friends' ex girlfriends. Messaged her for a drink, was pretty standard. Several G&Ts later we're back at mine trying to get it on but my little guy is just refusing to come out to play. Go down for like 15 minutes to buy myself some time but still nothing doing. Either way, cut my losses, whack a condom on and thumb it in anyway. Most hilarious sexual experience of my life

5. 21 / F / Orlando 

He was an army jarhead who only talked about himself and always had to be right. He liked to argue. He ordered three beers at dinner and then told me he'd had a whole case of beer before he came to meet up with me.
If I remember right when he dropped me off I asked if he was okay to drive and he said something like well if I wasn't you'd make me sleep in my truck and I said there's a perfectly uncomfortable couch in the apartment. When I got inside he texted me hinting at why he couldn't stay and I said I had a twin bed and his response was he could've shared a twin and then I never spoke to him again

6. 20 / M / Tampa 

Well it started a little less than a year ago. Her name was Alex, and she was down here in Florida for summer from New York. We matched on tinder, met each other and got to know each other and then did what we planned to do, going our separate ways the next day not thinking anything else of it. Maybe we'd meet up before she left, maybe we wouldn't. A couple weeks later, we were both at the same beach and I recognized her so I said hey. She was with her family down here so she made them believe we knew each other from school back up in New York and that this was just a coincidence. Long story short is, we had hung out the whole summer until a week before she left when her mom figured out that we didn't know each other back from New York and she obviously didn't like the idea of us hanging out because she knew what we would be doing. We talked about what would happen when she went back and that we would come visit each other and everything because we had feelings for each other. But when her mom found out like I said, it kind of ruined everything and she didn't let her have any contact with me at all... She went back up to New York, and I never saw Alex again

7. 22 / F / London

I joined Tinder after moving to London to start work because I could think of no other way of meeting people due to the fact most of my co-workers were in their 30s and my friendship network here was small. Cosmopolitan London is probably the best place for Tinder because it helps you meet people you wouldn’t encounter in your daily circumstances. I’ve met an Ambassador’s daughter, the niece of a Central America deputy Prime Minister and a Japanese life model.

8. 20 / F / Glasgow

Luckily, I didn't end up meeting with this guy, but we were supposed to go out on a date and the night before he wanted me to go on skype to make sure I wasn't a catfish (fair enough, thanks Nev!) but then he started asking me to show him my piercings and tattoos and he'd pay me....safe to say I didn't end up meeting up with him.

9. 24 / M / London

I once went on a Tinder date and discovered she was a stripper, she had whips and chains and all sorts of stuff in her bedroom, was really funny! 

10. 24 / M / New York

Met a 40 year old milf off Tinder and had the best sex of my life.

11. 21 / F / Orlando

Spoke to this really attractive guy on Tinder for a day and we decided to meet up the next day. We went for a walk around a park and then drove around and when he dropped me home we had the most intense make out session ever. (swollen lip and all) We spoke a lot but nothing was ever going to come from it, we hang out quite a lot and just hooked up most of the time, it was fun while it lasted. 

12. 21 / F / London

My situation was literally something out of a movie. Went on a date in London whilst I was there for a week, all went well enjoyed a few drinks and he walked me home and we left it there after he kissed me. Two days later I went for a job interview and of course, he was the one bloody interviewing me!! It was hard to hide the fact we knew each other so he just explained to his colleague how we had met in the lobby before, awkward as fuck. 

13. 20 / F / Orlando 

So I'd never been to keen on the Tinder meet ups because most boys on it just start the conversation with "wanna bang?" but I decided to give this guy a go. He seemed pretty posh and reminded me of Jack from Titanic, so why the hell not? He took me on a lovely dinner and he had a very nice car, he then asked if I wanted to take a ride on his boat, to which I said it was getting late and I should get back. He then proceeded to send me 10 more messages in the space of two days about how he had all this money and he could take me wherever I wanted and pay for it too. He almost over showered me with compliments to the point it got creepy so I blocked him. If I was looking for a month worth of free meals and transport then he would have been perfect, but I'd like to think i'm not that materialistic.

14. 20 / F / Southampton

So I'd been speaking to this guy for almost 4 months, yes people 4 months!! There is an explanation though, I matched with him when he was visiting a friend at uni but he lived near London. Not really sure how we talked for 4 months to be honest, he was pretty thick but of course I thought he was good looking...so I carried on with quite a boring conversation for almost 4 months. I found out I was going for an interview near where he lived near Christmas, so I bit the bullet and asked if he wanted to meet up. So I got off the train at the stop that he was meeting me at, went to look in a mirror and my lip was bleeding everywhere, great!! Someone I'd been wanting to meet for ages and I looked like shite. Anyways, on to the 'date', he took me to McDonald's and didn't offer to pay, and that's where this story ends.

Ba ba ba ba ba I'm not lovin' it ...

15. 28 / M / London

Unlike most people on Tinder, I was actually using it for it's dating purposes. It's just easier to filter out people you don't like and can actually find people you have things in common with. Anyway, I met this lovely lady on there a year ago, we went on a couple of dates and hit it off immediately, i can now say one year on, I'm happy to call her my fiancĂ©. 

♡ GS ♡

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