Tuesday 2 June 2015

Ah, long seem the days of going out for 2 weeks in a row, hall wars, en-suite bedrooms and no mould. Seeing as my second year has now come to an end, here are 20 things that have changed this year I'm sure a lot of you can relate to.

1. You won't be able to hack going out 3 nights in a row quite like your fresher self used to.

2. You may get to choose who you live with, but that doesn't mean they won't annoy you.

3. You might find you get closer to your previous flatmates when you're not actually living with them.

4. Your wild Tuesday nights at Toast has now become Quiz Night at Dylan's Bar.

5.  Nights out become a lot more expensive when your no longer a 10 minute walk from the club, ah halls.

6. There won't be as many house parties as everyone promises there will be, and if there are they'll be shut down before midnight.

7. You actually have to put effort into your work this year, well kinda.

8. You realise how pointless NUS cards, a-list cards, and other memberships you were certain you needed in first year are.

9. You have a small tolerance for overexcited freshers in clubs even though that was you less than a year ago.

10. Doing Laundry can actually be fun when you're not worrying whether someone is going to steal your new £60 Topshop dress from the communal laundry room.

11. That lad who wanted to be "single and ready to mingle" during freshers year has happily settled down now.

12. Your friend decides to start a mental list of how many freshers they can pull.

13. There will still only be one person who takes the bins out.

14. Saying "we need to go visit our halls/old rooms!!" 50 times during the year and never doing so.

15. Still being relatively close with most of your flatmates, apart from that one who's basically fallen off the face of the earth.

16. Having a stack of mail by the front door of the previous 58657 people who lived in your uni house.

17. You'd much rather have a night in with the gang watching Geordie Shore than actually going out and partying.

18. There will still be a pile of washing up next to the sink that no one claims is there's.

19. People will still question whether your degree in Events MANAGEMENT is still just learning how to plan parties *sighs*

20. And of course, you're one step closer to finishing your degree!


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