Friday 12 June 2015

Hey y'all!

Trying to do these on the 1st of every month isn't quite going to plan, this draft has been here since the 3rd June and here I am posting it on the 12th. Anyway,  May has been a pretty relaxed month for me so i've had plenty of time to binge watch shows on Netflix and read the 20 books i've bought and still yet to read.


Despite being pretty broke this month, I always manage to put buying make-up and clothes before buying food. (if you're reading this sorry mum) I needed a more nudey daytime lipstick so went with Fast Play by MAC and a matching lip liner Nice N Spicy because after buying Sub-Culture I realised the liner is pretty much the same colour as my skin. I have to say I was pretty smart with my purchases, I needed a new mascara and eyeliner, so by spending £15 on MaxFactor cosmetics (a foundation and white liner) I got a free gift including a waterproof mascara, eyeliner, red lipgloss and nail polish, yippee! I also learnt not to wear sandals inside Beales as I slipped on my way out and fell straight on my arse.


I finally read Perks of Being a Wallflower from beginning to end after having started it two years ago and then losing the book...and it definitely did not disappoint! I also decided to re-read the Beach Blondes series by Katherine Applegate seeing as they were based in Florida and I felt I would be able to actually picture all the places after hearing about them/seeing them these past 4 months! I've now also picked up the classic To Kill a Mockingbird and Elizabeth is Missing which I will tell you about next month if I get to reading them!


The Avengers: Age of Ultron - What can I say, the movie was AMAZING. I know it's been a good action film when I come out of the cinema wanting to kick ass, and I mean is there anyone in this movie that isn't the slightest bit attractive?

Adult World - So I watched this simply because Evan Peters is in it and he looked adorable as always. That aside it was a pretty decent movie with Emma Roberts and something i'm sure most teens/young adults have experienced...I'm not gonna give you a full plot synopsis, watch the trailer!

The Theory of Everything - I watched this on the plane back from Orlando and wow, it definitely did not disappoint. I'd been wanting to see this for ages and it beautifully depicted the life of Stephen Hawking's and Jane Wilde, not to mention I also had the air hostess ask if I needed some tissues.


HALSEY has to be my current obsession. Or as I knew her Ashley Frangipane was a girl I used to talk to on twitter back in 2013 and next thing I know she's this mermaid haired chick with a wardrobe to die for. Sadly she only has an EP on Spotify at the moment that you should all check out called Room 93, Is There Somewhere, Hurricane and Trouble are my favourites and they kinda put you in a euphoric state, not to mention the lyrics are a lil deep. (Her album Badlands is out sometime soon...i think)

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