Thursday 30 July 2015

As results day dawns for you a-level students, I thought it would be a good time to post this so you can all chill the f out before you (hopefully) go off to university in September! This one had been requested a couple of times so I hope some of you find it somewhat useful and seriously, you're about to have the most enjoyable 3 or 4 or 5 years of your life. 

1. Go to as many events as possible. You might not be a fan of cheesy music, but you might end up meeting some people there who could become your UBFFs forever!!

2. Be open-minded . You will probably hear this a thousand times, but everyone is in the same boat as you! Try and talk to as many people as possible and you might find there's a Facebook page for your university/course too (I actually set up my own freshers page with my friend Phoebe and we had people coming up to us every night, thanking us for making the group and making the experience so much easier and less frightening for them!)

3. You don't need to buy every event ticket online. Reps will pressure you but seriously, unless it's the main freshers event they won't run out and you might end up buying tickets for events that none of your friends are actually going to.

4. You don't HAVE to get a long with all of your flatmates. Luckily my flatmates were pretty awesome and I'm still close with most of them, but sometimes you might find they're all complete dickheads with poor hygiene, in which case, just try and stay civil until you can get the fuck out of there.

5. Join a Society. If you're sporty then you'll enjoy this for the activity obviously, if not, the socials are the wildest.

6. BUDGET!! Unless you're fine with spending 80% of your money on nights out and Domino's and the other 20% eating beans on toast, try and budget your money so you have enough for a social life and to live!

7. (First year doesn't really count). For most courses, your first year grade doesn't actually count for your final grade (this doesn't mean you should fail either) but try and have a social life and make the most of your time and not stuck in your room studying 24/7

8. You will have a housemate that does fuck all. If you don't, it's probably you. No matter how hard you try cleaning rotas will never work, so you'll just have to throw all their dirty plates in a bin bag and leave it outside their door. 

9. TRAVEL! Make the most of the fact you can get almost anywhere in train and you can get some pretty cheap flights/trains from London to Amsterdam, Paris etc. You should definitely invest in a 16-25 student railcard to get 1/3 off fares too! Also make sure to check what trips are available through your university, and if they offer any study abroad semesters!

10. Speaking of Discounts...NUS card can also get you some cheaper deals on a lot of restaurants, student beans and UNIIdays can also get you tons of offers on everything!

11. Great time to learn new skills. Now that you're basically all independent and living on your own, it's a great time to learn how to whip up some good food if all you know how to make is pasta and cheese.

12. Be Clean. Don't be that flatmate everyone complains about because they always leave their dishes piled up for 2 weeks or never takes the bins out, basically don't give them anything to complain about! (Unless they are the said unhygienic dickheads, then put tuna in their pillow)

13. Do not sleep with your flatmate. Unless you literally fall in love and think you'd be better than Nick and Jess as a couple, a drunken one night stand with your flatmate will just result in an awkward year for you and everyone else that has to live with you.

14. Don't overbuy. You really don't need more than two plates unless you're going to be throwing dinner parties every other night, especially if it's just going to be thrown away at the end of the year!

15. Wait till all your flatmates have moved in. Before buying a kettle, microwave, toaster unless you want to end up with two George Forman Grills and 3 mops in the kitchen.

16. Asda will be your best friend. Everything here is pretty cheap, and not just for your food, your cutlery, your bed sheets, practically anything and everything you will need you'll find in here! Wilko is also a great shout too if you have one in your town.

17. Alcohol. If you're a Gibraltarian student reading this, BYOB! In your suitcase, a bottle of Smirnoff will cost you £18 in the UK, so your best bet is to bring some duty free alcohol over with you (not encouraging drinking at all)

18. Make some extra cash. You could earn some extra dough by selling tickets for nights out, is pretty good and you could earn £50 just from people buying their tickets from your links, easiest money ever.

19. You don't have to cram all your uni visits into freshers year. How man times have your friends promised you they'll be coming to visit you for halloween! or your birthday! or that big house party you're having next weekend! Chances are a lot of them won't make it , and maybe you won't want to travel all the way to Newcastle after being in uni for a month, but you still have two more years to do so!

20. HAVE FUN. Going into my third year now, the years have really flown by, and I had the best freshers year I could ask for, then things start to slow down a make the most of it and make some memories!

♡ GS ♡

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