Friday 18 September 2015

Well, not literally. I don't think this list will prove useful when you're being attacked by a flock of seagulls in the park. But here's a list of apps/websites that will make your uni experience a lot cheaper/more entertaining!

1. UniDays

This app will give you discounts on everything from New Look to Pizza Hut, you just need your university email to create an account and get these exclusive offers!

2. Wally

If you're not great at managing your money and keep spending too many £££ on a cheeky nandos every other day, then this is the app for you. It allows you to input your budget for the week and then everything you buy.It then breaks it down into how much you spend on food, nights out, clothing etc so you know where you're overdoing it!

3. StudentBeans

This app/site is purely for entertainment, and will feature a lot of articles that you'll be able to relate to (about your annoying flatmate) and soon enough will be sending them to your uni BFF like "omg this is so us!!"

4. RefMe

The dreaded uni art of referencing, you might hate it or you might love it (what planet are you from?) but this app definitely makes it 10 times easier and half's the time it takes to do it! It also allows you to change the formatting to Harvard etc. whatever your uni requires.

5. YikYak

No, I'm not joking. For those of you who have no idea what this is, it's basically an anonymous twitter for your area. Sounds like hell doesn't it? It does have its perks in that you can ask questions that you might be to embarrassed to ask on Facebook publicly - i.e. Where can i get tested for chlamydia?

6. Any.Do

For those of you who have 50 to-do lists and never get round to completing them, this app is perfect (better than that silly Reminders app everyone forgets to use) It allows to make lists from what groceries you need to buy for the day, what TV episodes you have to catch up on to the people you said you were gonna meet for drinks with two weeks ago and still haven't done so. You can also categorize them by importance (today, tomorrow, upcoming, someday in the distant future...)

7. SelfControl

Raise your hand if you can't go more than half an hour when revising without looking at your phone. This app allows you to block certain apps from your phone for a certain amount of time during your study period, but also unblocks it for 5-10 mins during your study break for you! So no 5 min breaks that turn into a half an hour binge looking at dog vines. 

8. Natwest App/any other bank you're with 

I'm sure a lot of you know about this already, but having your bank app on your phone makes life 10 times easier. All you need is your password code to get access to your bank balance, as well as being able to make instant payments to your friends and vice versa!

9. TheTrainLine

Again, makes booking train journeys on the go a lot easier. Also allows you to check live train times and if you need to change over, it lets you know what platform your train will be on so there's no running up and down stairs and in and out of platforms like you're in a Bond movie. Plus you get your reference code for each journey on the app to print your tickets at the station, so no more papers and blurry screenshots!

10. SleepCycle

I was quite skeptical about this apple app, but it actually works! You just need to set a half an hour time frame for when you need to be up and about and the app will gradually (and soothingly) wake you up when your body is in light sleep. It's also pretty cool as it monitors when your body is in a deep sleep over night and how much you toss and turn! 

What other apps have you found useful during your uni experience? 


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