Monday 28 September 2015

Hey everyone,

So it's been a while since I've written anything to do with me on here, which I guess I should do since It is a personal blog. September has been a pretty hectic month to say the least. Between Gibraltar Music Festival, National Day, job/house hunting, I haven't had much time to watch Teen Wolf on Netflix.

GMF was great, and being able to work at it was pretty fun, not to mention - free weekend passes woo! My favourite acts had to be James Bay, Little Mix, Kaiser Chiefs, Paloma Faith (minus the major awkward "Hola Espana!" scenario) and headliners Kings of Leon. Has to be said Kaiser Chiefs and James Bay definitely knew how to work the crowd to the max - and KC may have possible broken a few pieces of music equipment in doing so.

10th September, or National Day was probably the best one i've had in a couple of years, considering most years I don't make it past 4pm in the afternoon. For those of you non-Gibraltarians, National Day is Gibraltar's "independence day" where we celebrate being British and all of that political hoohaa, but for anyone under 30 it's usually just a day to party and get wasted on Tinto de Verano for 12 hours.

As for me...I've finally secured a 12 month placement as an Events Assistant at Cornucopia Events in London yay!! (google them, they're incred and can cater for almost any type of event) Last I knew I was staying in Gibraltar, so it has all been a bit hectic and I am currently still homeless (until I view the 20 odd houses this weekend) or else I'll be setting up a tent in Oxford Street.

As I sit and type this, I still have two empty suitcases lying next to me so clearly I'm procrastinating, but that always seems to work for me. I've kept this short and sweet, but once I'm nice and settled I'll be sure to keep up my blogging on weekends.

Cya in days London!


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