Monday 23 November 2015

I first heard of Marina and The Diamonds back in 2010 when "I Am Not A Robot" and "Hollywood" were released, and I thought this chick is pretty cool. It wasn't until her song "Primadonna" came out from her second album that I was completely hooked on her music. She carries a different persona in each of her albums, with Electra Heart based around a bubblegum "bitch" who lives in her own world, and her latest album Froot being well, based around fruit. She's always been on my list of people to see live, so it was great to finally see her live in action and she did not disappoint! 

Her Neon Nature tour kicked off in the UK on Friday, and her coming to Bournemouth made it quite convenient meaning I could go back and visit some of my uni pals (well just Grace really but who needs anyone else?) She was playing at the 02 Academy which isn't too big, meaning we didn't have to get there ridiculously early to get a good spot, and who would want to when it's 2 degrees?! 

Talking to some fans in the queue, it was evident who the hardcore "Diamonds" were. "I've been to like 5 of her shows, and one in Oslo too! We've been queuing up here for like 5 hours" said Kyle, 23 from Brighton. Another fan had wanted to camp out over night but was turned away from security. We had been there an hour early and still needed two bottles of wine to help us keep warm, could not have imagined spending a whole day there!

On to the show, her gig is separated into 3 different acts, for each different album respectively. The Family Jewels (Act 1) saw her play hits such as I Am Not a Robot, Oh No! and Hollywood. Act 2 was dedicated to Electra Heart, which is probably my favourite album so I would have gladly listened to her just perform that whole album. With her signature "heart on cheek" she performed favourites like Primadonna Girl,  How to Be a Heartbreaker, Bubblegum Bitch and Lies -sobs-. 

(photo cred to Grace Weston) 

Finally, she closed the show with her Froot act, and an incredible dazzling costume to go with it. Not to mention, her figure is AMAZING. Songs featured FROOT, Happy, I'm A Ruin and closed with Blue. The atmosphere at the show was great, she definitely knew how to engage with the audience and knew how to have fun on stage, not to mention she sounds just as great live and she does on Spotify. I might just be tempted to buy a ticket to her next tour in March! 

♡  GS ♡ 


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