Monday 23 November 2015

A couple of months ago I made a light-hearted post about “15 things only Gibraltarian students experience” which seemed to have gone down well with a lot of you, 10,000 of you to be precise. As December is approaching and I start to crave my grandma’s Potaje and Croquetas, I always find writing these posts fun. So if you’re at uni and feeling a little homesick, or just bored in bed scrolling through Yik Yak, here’s something relatable and (hopefully) entertaining for you to read!

1. You’ve had a family holiday to Don Miguel or Benal Beach at some point in your life, and bumped into that one person you kinda know from school who suddenly became your BFF for the weekend. If not it was at Bahia Park, Selwo or Isla Magica.

2. You may have strayed further to Disneyland Paris, London or Orlando, but you still couldn’t get away from hearing “Jaydaaan, toma una foto del ninioooo corre!” 

3. You won’t admit it to your mum or grandmother (or yourself), but you know who makes the best Rosto in your family and ordering it at a restaurant never tastes just as good.

4. Sunday’s sometimes consisted of buying papiti and going for “spinz” with your family to La Farola or up the rock to see the apes. Once you turned 18 this became a lot less amusing and the apes became evil creatures who steal your sausage rolls on the way to college.

5. Once you’ve got your licence going for “spins” is the first thing on your agenda with 4 of your colegas squashed in the back. Note this is quite a foreign concept anywhere else, like why would you waste your petrol pointlessly driving around Manchester?

6. 10th September is a day to celebrate being British, to wear our red and white colours with pride, but mainly to get absolutely “wasted” on Tinto de Verano, make cringe-worthy matching t-shirts with your friends and draw random crap on each other (until you get too old for it to be considered lame)

7. It’s probably been 6 years since Morrison’s opened, but you still find yourself calling it Safeway’s

8. Spending your afternoons playing marbles, Beyblade’s, British Bulldog or “Monkey across the river” seem like a dream when you look out the window and just see old ladies reading books on benches nowadays.

9. You still remember what house colour you were in middle school and you knew what your house was good at and who not to mess with. St John’s 4EVA!!

10. If you were from Bishop Fitzgerald “los bicho verde” it was a crime to associate yourself with anyone from St Anne’s and vice versa. Passing by their school to get to the stadium was like crossing enemy territory. Even though when you got to Westside/Bayside they probably became your BFFs.

11. Your idea of a great Saturday in summer was going swimming in Westview Park and wrecking your feet on the rocks.

12. On another note, you probably all remember what you were doing on that very windy night in October 2009 when Westview Park was literally washed away. (We somehow thought it was still a good idea to go to the Youth Club that night and almost blew away in the process)

13. You’ve all been told by an older relative or family friend, “ai que guapa ere hija ave cuando te mete en Miss Gibraltar!”

14. You thought you were super cool with your Payma heels and black shorts at the Youth on a Friday night, and even cooler if you were one of the guys standing against the wall with your sun cola waiting to spot which girl you were going to ask for “mission” that night.

15. You’ve missed school before to go to “Miercole Loco” with your mum/granny and instantly regretted it when they spend 20 minutes at a stall buying pyjamas and Moroccan slippers for 1 euro. Not to mention having to stand there awkwardly as they try and persuade them to charge them 1 euro less.

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You've also previously been, or will inevitably be mentioned on Yik Yak.

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