Saturday 10 December 2016

Everyone has embarrassing stories regarding their families, so when it gets to christmas and you're stuck with them for pretty much two weeks straight, there's going to be a lot more stories to tell. One of mine has to be the time I walked into my "aunties house" listening to One Direction and was singing Best Song Ever very theatrically, I got to the living room before I realised I was in a completely random house and this old couple were just sat on the sofa staring at me blankly. Here's a couple more - enjoy!

1. "My grandma makes us sing Happy Birthday to Jesus every Christmas, we have to wear party hats and all." - Kass, 20

2. "I had some "me time" in the bathroom at my grandma's house on boxing day. I'd been stuck with my family for three weeks and I couldn't take the frustration anymore - my family were in the next room, so nothing creepy." - Dillon, 24

3. "I went out on Christmas Eve with my friends - got so pissed had to be taken home by a stranger and I puked everywhere. My mum came in when she heard me and had to pick me up and put me in the shower, where I puked again. "merry christmas mum clean up my spew" - Seb, 23

4. "Last Christmas I had a family dinner at my in-laws and let's just say me and my boyfriend had been out drinking the night before. When it was time to eat I felt so sick that I knew I would throw up all over the table if I even attempted to eat it - so when no one was looking i'd be feeding my food to the dogs." - Ashley, 19

5. "I went to a Christmas Party and felt soooo hangover the next day - turns out I had been bit by a monkey and had a monkey infection instead." - Claire, 17

6. "The first time I went skiing I went to book an instructor but just half an hour before meeting him, my boyfriend decided to take me up a blue slope on a very foggy day and I nearly broke my leg and fell off a cliff, not the best Christmas experience." - Joelle, 17

7. "One Christmas Eve I was having dinner with my family, when my then boyfriend decided to show up at my house (he hadn't met my parents yet) drunk to tell me merry christmas. My mum invited him in and when he went to sit down next to me and my cousins, either to lack of balance or alcohol he missed the seat and fell face first on the table, and he couldn't get up so he just lay there until my older cousin had to help him up. Embarrassing but hilarious." - G, 21

8. "Our living room has a step that leads on to the dining table, and our Christmas Tree used to be on the side before the step, so one christmas dinner my sister (Giana) pushed her chair too back and fell back, using the Christmas tree for support but obviously that fell down with her - still remember it so vividly. Our cat also threw the Christmas tree down that weekend. - Alex, 17

9. "My uncle brought his new girlfriend to our boxing day dinner, and none of us particularly liked her, and she wasn't very nice to look at either. So me and my cousins spent the whole time sending each other snapchats of her/imitating her at the table, they're no longer together." - Lauren, 18

10. "I tend to have a lot of previous unused christmas presents lying around my house that I sometimes use to give away to other people. Last christmas I gave my cousin a make up set which turns out was the one she had given to me the year before...." - Sally, 23

11. "My brother was meant to be proposing to his girlfriend on christmas eve, he had the ring in the basket thing we had with the gifts, I accidentally gave it to my grandmother thinking it was her present - when she opened it she was very confused, and I sorta ruined the surprise." - Jack, 23

12. "I bought my friend a carrot dildo for her secret santa present, she then opened it in front of her family, didn't make the best impression on them" - Sophie, 22 

13. "I accidentally switched presents with a friend, gave her the very special gift meant for my mum. It was such an embarrassment, but had to tell friend it was a mistake." - Jen, 23

14. "I always give my sister a book as a present I've already read, oops" - Anon, 22 

15. "I got my girlfriend at the time tickets to see Coldplay with me, turns out i'd heard it wrong and she actually hated them." - Luke, 20

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