Monday 12 December 2016

December is definitely the most expensive month of the year, I think we all get a bit carried away buying gifts for people and then end up with £15 to our name - or is that just me? Christmas is just 2 weeks away, so I'm sure most of you have done your christmas shopping by now, but incase you're looking for some inexpensive gifts for stockings or for a secret santa present, here is my list of gift ideas I think anyone would love. 


Who doesn't love scented candles? The candle 'industry' has come a long way since your plain old vanilla or cinnamon scents (even though those are still my favourite) and you can now get candles that smell like everything under the sun. Tangy Melon do a wide collection of scents and designs that include everything from star signs to their new christmas collection. I was gifted their 'Under The Mistletoe' candle which is a cinnamon and ginger mix. Unlike a lot of other candles, the smell actually fills the room. I think candles are perfect gifts for anyone who likes to pamper themselves like the real queen they are. 


Now hear me out, I'm not talking about a regular old £2 mug from Asda. If you've ever lived with me, you might have picked up that I have an extensive collection of mugs (most of which are Disney related) and have been gifted a few personalised ones in the past. There are some pretty quirky shops out there that sell unique mugs, or there's always the Disney shop or eBay if you're looking for something specific - i.e. a mug with a photo of the celebrity your friend is obsessed with. If you're pretty artistic, you could have a go at buying a plain white one and designing it yourself. 


This one only really works if you know what the person is into, but I've always loved the idea of getting someone a book you know they'd enjoy, it shows you actually pay attention to them! If you know someone is really into their classics, penguin actually has republished classics such as Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist with brand new hardback covers. 


If you're a guy reading this and you're not looking for a present for your girlfriend, then please move on swiftly to the next point. Who doesn't love cute underwear? Topshop do a 3 pairs for £10 deal which means you can get them something sexy, a pair of period pants and a cute disney pair. 


If they're a music fan or own a record player then I think this is a also a great gift if you know the sort of stuff the listen to - or just have a peak at their Spotify profile. This might require a bit more work and you might have to look around for some deals or check out some markets, because most new records are around 20 quid (in UO). Briefcase Vinyl offer excellent prices on new and used records and can even source some out for you that you're after.


Again, we're not talking about a giant pack of PG tips from poundland, although I'm sure some people would greatly appreciate that. I recently wrote a post about BlueBird Tea Co and their crazy selection of flavoured teas, including their christmas cake and snowball infusions. If you know someone who's a big tea fan, why not get them a mug AND a flavoured tea - I'm sure they'd be over the moon at the thought that went into it. 

This post could go on forever - soap and glory gift-sets, NYX lipsticks, notebooks, a blog planner, pyjamas, personalised frames, boardgames etc. These are just some of the ones I thought would suit practically anyone! Hope this has been somewhat handy to you guys. 

♡ GS ♡

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