Monday 1 February 2016

February only means one thing, Deadpool. Well if you're all loved up, then it will probably be Valentine's Day. I'll probably be spending it getting drunk in a bar in hopes that someone will buy me a drink and roses (kidding, kinda). If you're running short on ideas and looking for some inspiration, look no further! Singletons don't worry, i'll be catering to your needs further in the week!

1. Re-enact your fist date

Assuming this isn’t your first date…try and remember what you did for your first date and do it again! It will also lead to you guys sharing a lot of fun memories you’ve had in your relationship

2. Plan a fun day out 

If you both like a bit of adventure (outside of the bedroom) why not take a trip to an amusement park or do something active that you’ll BOTH enjoy, not necessarily going down to the football pitch for a game with the lads.

3.Do Nothing... all day

It’s cheap, and you don’t need to get out of your pyjamas. Seeing as it’s a Saturday, you don’t even need to take the day off work/uni for it. Just spend the whole day at home, phones switched off and enjoy each others company! What you get up to is down to you.

4. Book a hotel room

Even better if it includes a spa pass…groupon has some great deals! That way you can both relax, pretend you’re in some exotic country and no one has to worry about cooking or washing up!

5. Take a trip somewhere

If you have the money and the time, take a weekend trip somewhere romantic. (Paris is great and all but try and pick something that will actually be a surprise.)

6. Dinner and a movie?

Instead of going out, try cooking a 3 course meal together then watch your favourite films in front of the TV – cheaper alternative.

7. Go to a gig

If music is your thing and you have similar music taste, see if there’s someone playing in your area who you’d both enjoy.

8. Get properly dressed up and go for dinner at a fancy restaurant

If you want to keep things simple and traditional. Also have him pick you up from your doorstep instead of meeting you at the restaurant! Make it extra romantic by surprising your other half with where you’re going.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Now this might take some effort and planning….but could end up being pretty fun (or annoying if you realise your partner doesn’t know as much about you as you’d hoped). Plan a series of envelopes that will lead your partner to a number of places before you get to your final destination – perhaps restaurant for dinner? Locations could include the first restaurant you went to together, your favourite store, where you broke your foot, where you first got drunk together – make it creative!

10. Long Distance Relationships

For those of you in long distance relationships (I’ve had my fair share) don’t fret, there’s still some ideas for you too! Depending what your budget is…. the most obvious choice is to go surprise them, but sadly we can’t always drop everything we’re doing and go – or afford to. You could always have a Skype dinner date, prepare the same meal and eat together by your laptop (if you’re cheesy like that) or simply surprise them by delivering their favourite take-out/restaurant meal to them – check deliveroo for this and they could be having Wagamamas delivered straight to their door.

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