Sunday 14 February 2016

Flashback to last Valentine's Day - I spent it with my girls (and a dog) watching 50 Shades of Grey in the cinema, very romantic. This year I will probably be doing the same thing and spending it with my one true love pizza. Incase you're in need of a little bit of inspiration on who to cuddle up next to on your laptop screen - why not check out these guys, they're probably better than your real boyfriends anyway.

1. The Notebook - Noah Calhoun

Yes he's a bit persistent at first and that would be quite off putting but how many guys do you know that would build you a house and write you 365 letters? 

2. Titanic - Jack Dawson

An obvious one on the list, who wouldn't want to be stuck on a plank of wood with Leonardo DiCaprio?

3. The Fault In Our Stars - Augustus Waters

He'll surprise you with trips to Amsterdam, read your favourite book and he'll give you the deepest and most poetic speech on why he is in love with you. 

4. Think Like A Man - Dominic

He's got the eyes of an angel, doesn't get tempted by sexy ladies when he's on a lads holiday and he'll turn down a super cool job on the other side of the world so he doesn't have to leave your side. 

5. The Vow - Leo

Not only is this based on a true story (meaning men like this actually exist) but it's not very often you come across a guy who's willing to make you fall in love with them all over again when you lose your memory. 

6. The Great Gatsby - Jay Gatsby

He can throw some killer parties, he's always in a suit, and he'll do everything in his power just to win your love back.

7. 500 Days of Summer - Tom Hansen

Whether he's drawing on your arm, picking out records by The Smiths with you, kissing you in the copy room or holding hands in Ikea, there'll never be a dull day with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

8. Perks of Being a Wallflower - Charlie 

He'll make you mix tapes, stand up for you and is so cute you'd probably want to hug him forever and never let go. 

9. Cinderella - Prince Charming

Not the cartoon one, that would be weird. We're talking Richard Madden playing the handsome, modest heart-throb in the 2015 remake. Biggest perk of all? YOU"D GET TO BE A PRINCESS 

10. Love, Rosie - Alex Stewart

He's super hot, you've been best friends since you were little so he knows all your weird habits and he'll even move back across the world for you. 

11. Game Of Thrones - Oberyn Martell 

You'll have to watch him gruesomely die, but he'd be a fun husband in the meantime, swinger parties and all that. 

12. Gossip Girl - Chuck Bass

Would this list be complete without him? Yes you'd have your troubles and want to slap him for half of your relationship....but you'd never be able to resist Mr Bass. 

13. New Girl - Nick Miller 

He's super low maintenance, so you can spend all day in pyjamas eating ice-cream together with your bear legs and feel no shame. 

14. Vampire Diaries - Everyone on the bloody show 

You might get into a few "bloody" fights, but the make-up vampire sex would be great. 

15. The OC - Seth Cohen 

He's dorky, cute, he's president of the comic book club and he looks like a sexy, more jewish version of Harry Styles so he basically ticks every box. 

16. American Horror Story - Tate Langdon 

Yes he's a psychopath, but he still manages to rock a black rubber suit and seeing as you're both dead and trapped in a Murder House, he'll never leave your side. 

17. The Originals - Klaus Mikaelson 

He's the asshole everyone loves, and you'll never have to worry about him cheating on you because he'll probably hate/have killed everyone else. 

18. Pretty Little Liars - Caleb 

He'll stick by you even when he's almost been killed multiple times by your psycho stalker although fast forward 5 years he'll be dating your best friend, awks. 

19. Harvey Specter - Suits

He's afraid of commitment, but unlike most of the guys you know, he's got his shit together. 

20. Saved By The Bell - Zack Morris

He'll never stop trying to win your heart and he'll even stand outside your window with a boombox, he's also not afraid of the thought of you guys getting married and having babies in the future. 

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