Saturday 13 February 2016

Something my friends and I have been discussing lately is where do relationships form nowadays in the real world? I have several friends who have luckily met their partners through dating websites and apps but that begs the question if the old fashioned way of meeting people has been lost. So for those of you who have been single for quite some time and are not quite comfortable with setting up a dating profile and going on a series of awkward dates - you still have all these options!

1. On Tinder

Not likely, but hey your random Tinder hook-up might surprise you when he makes you breakfast in bed and offers to take you out on a second date!

2. In the library

Perhaps you're both reading The Great Gatsby and start a riveting conversation about how awesome it would be to go to one of Jay's parties.

3. On a wild night out

It probably won't be long-term, but it'll be fun whilst it lasts!

4. At work

This comes with its consequences - remember you still have to work with them and face them everyday if things go wrong but if not, it means you have company on your commute to work everyday!

5. In the gym

He's by the weights in the corner doing his reps and you fall off the treadmill because you got distracted staring at his biceps - he comes over and voila you're off to dinner at 8pm at Nando's because he needs his protein.

6. On holiday

This will probably be short lived if you life 1000 miles away from each other, but it will give you some good memories and maybe you'll cross paths again the future and realise he's spent all his life waiting for you and has even built you a house.

7. On a boat

If an ice-berg doesn't get in the way, your love could be epic.

8. On the beach

The first time you see each other is in your bikinis, so if there's a spark you don't have to worry about what he thinks of your body!

9. At the bus stop

You're lost, he's lost - why not just grab the next bus and go on an adventure together?

10. At a concert

You both like the same music, and that's a must for a successful relationship. When you get married you might even choose a first dance based on said musician you were watching at the time. If you get lucky, you might lock eyes with the person on stage and upgrade from being a fan to a groupie.

11. A Wedding / other special occasion 

There's a lot of free alcohol and there is love in the air - eventually one of the best men or your friend's cousin will look appealing enough to you.

12. Supermarket

You're both in aisle 13 and are about to fetch for the last carton of gluten free vegan milk - he asks you round to share the carton and chill.

13. Walking your dog 

Especially when you have your little Pomeranian acting as a wing-dog when they approach that handsome fella's Labrador.

14. Twitter

All it takes is a slide into their DMs and you're set.

15. Through a friend 

This is where male-female friendships are great, they bring along their hot single friends and you bring yours - everyone wins!

16. Cinema 

Tough, but doable. In the line for your tickets, popcorn, the trailers - you never know who's going to rock up in the seat next to you.

17. Bar 

Sadly, I've never quite witnessed a classic "this drink is from the guy over there" incident like in the movies - but it is more likely someone might come over and speak to you or offer to buy you a drink.

18. Your friend 

It might just be a classic case that the love of your life has been standing right in front of you. You may be best friends or have already become friends with benefits but as psychology shows, between any male:female friendship there is a drink number that if you reach, you are bound to hook up - so test it for science.

19. Train/Plane

Unfortunately 9/10 times the person sat next to us on transport is smelly, weird, old, snores or just not your cup of tea. However sometimes you get lucky, and you may both find you'd like to meet up again when you get to your destination city!

20. Nowhere

There is a slight chance that you end up living alone with no one who loves you but your cat Felix and your pet guinea pig. If that does happen, well you'll always have Netflix and pizza.

Where did you meet your current/previous partner?

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