Wednesday 13 April 2016

Hi guys! I know it's been a while since my last post but I've been super busy going to gigs and sleeping and all that fun stuff. Last night me and my housemates were having a nostalgic conversation about all the TV shows we used to watch and gadgets we used to use when we were pre-teens (anyone else ever own a robot dog?) and then thought, why not write a blog post about this and take you all on a trip down memory lane! This is done in no particular order, but if I had to choose one number 9. would be my favourite. 

1. Filmore! 

Somehow the name Cornelius Filmore has always stuck with me, but I almost forgot all about this show! Before I turned to CSI and Criminal Minds, this was enough detective work for me! 

2. That's So Raven

This show was funny af - more so it brought light to a lot of issues and introduced us all to the Boys in Motion. 

3. Lizzie McGuire 

I wasn't a huge fan of this show because Lizzie annoyed me, but the Lizzie McGuire movie was on another level and I still know all the lyrics to Hey Now. 

4. Sister Sister

Sister, Sistaaaaah never knew how much I missed ya 

5. Kenan & Kel

Whooooo loves orange soda? 

6. Boy Meets World

I loved this show and I probably should give the spin-off show currently on Disney Channel (Girl Meets World) a watch! I watched the Halloween episode a few months back (in October I'm assuming) and it still had me cracking up - some of the jokes in there were definitely PG. 

7. Home Improvement

I used to love Tim Allen movies, and Randy Taylor was probably my first tv crush that wasn't a cartoon and he also voices young Simba in The Lion King!

8. Sabrina The Teenage Witch 

I used to beg my mum to let me stay up late and watch this because it was usually on after 9pm on Nickelodeon, I loved it so much I used to go over to my friend Gabby's house to play the Sabrina video game she had. 

9. Saved By The Bell

ZACK MORRIS was the love of my life - then it got to the college years and his forehead doubled in size and he lost his spark. I also wanted to be Kelly Kapowski. 

10. The Amanda Show

Welcome to....The Girls Room. Before Amanda Bynes went a bit cookoo and Drake Bell wasn't a complete asshole. 

11. American Dragon - Jake Long

On to the topic of cartoon crushes...Jake Long was definitely one of them. Plus he had a badass theme song. 

12. The Proud Family

That episode where they had the dance off with those little peanut things still remains one of my favourite things on TV. 

13. Powerpuff Girls 

I can't believe this show is still going, but the original episodes will always be the bomb. That episode with the Rowdy Rough Boys - I was just waiting for them to kiss the whole time. #TeamBlossom 

14. Ed, Edd and Eddy


15. Zoey 101

Everyone wanted to go to Pacific Coast Academy. This show was great until mini Spears got knocked up and the show was cancelled. 

16. Phil Of The Future

Going through this list, I just keep getting the sudden urge to sing all the theme songs. Phil was a hottie and a 22nd century man. 

17. Two of A Kind

Mary Kate & Ashley were probably my biggest "role models" and I was so into the TV show, movies and two of a kind books. Then they grew up and I started reading their more "mature" books like "So Little Time" 

18. Courage the Cowardly Dog 

I don't know why I put this on the list because this show was creepy af and I'm sure the producers were high the whole time, but I still couldn't stop watching it. 

19. Lilo & Stitch 

I loved this show but more so I loved playing the lilo & stitch sandwich stacker game online. 

20. Kim Possible 

I still have the "what's the sitch beep" as my text tone, and it's actually started a few conversations on public because of it. I think we spent most of the time watching this waiting for Ron and Kim to kiss. 

21. Recess

The yard of no return was a great episode, or when Spinelli called her teacher mama - this show was so memorable and I aspired to be an Ashley. 

22. Dextor's Laboratory 

I feel like this is what inspired the show Breaking Bad.

23. Taina 

I almost forgot about this show! But I loved that when she spoke Spanish I actually understood what she was saying. 

24. Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

I think Spike brought about my sexual awakening. My Buffy Top Trumps cards were also my favourite. 

25. Charmed 

I'm so glad this is now on Netflix! I used to spend my afternoons watching this and I probably read every book along with it. 

What were some of your favourite childhood TV shows? 

♡ G ♡ 


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