Wednesday 13 April 2016

Last weekend marked the 7th (and 8th) time I’ve seen 5 Seconds of Summer live - across the space of 3 years. My pal Daniella was kind enough to bring me along with her to the O2 Arena show in London and then I was very lucky to bag myself a free soundcheck ticket for Brighton on the weekend. Let’s just say I was tempted to just drop everything and go see the band all over the country. 

80% of the time I’ve seen these guys live I’ve been in the first few rows which always makes the gig all that more personal and lively. Generally I don’t like seated tickets unless I’m watching Adele or someone who you don’t exactly shake your body too. Simply because the atmosphere around you isn’t that great - people don’t dance and it’s not as fun watching them from a TV screen. 

I must say I've always enjoyed queuing up for their gigs because usually there's a group of 5 of us just drinking and catching up since most of my 5sos buds live far away and we don't get to see each other often. Thankfully I bumped into a few people I knew which made the wait in the waiting room for soundcheck less tedious. 

The boys have definitely stepped it up a notch since their ROWYSO tour last year, but maybe it was a good idea to ditch the pyrotechnics considering Michael Clifford’s incident with anything flamey. The setlist consisted of old favourites such as "Don’t Stop", "Good Girls" and of course, "She Looks So Perfect”. They also played some tracks off the new album - including my favourites “Vapour” and “Permanent Vacation”. Sadly there were no new tracks on the cards but hopefully they’re working on that now! 

As for soundcheck it was short and sweet. The guys played a couple of songs and then did a Q&A with the fans. I just remember there being a lot of Pokemon questions and an awkward fire at Ashton if he’d listened to an album he tweeted about when actually he hadn’t. From what I remember soundcheck used to be a lot smaller, or maybe the Brighton Centre was pretty small in comparison so soundcheck was basically half of the venue. 

Highlights of the show included Michael making up a “song” to do with each city they were playing in, “guitar offs” between Luke and Michael - sucks to be a bassist ai Calum? and just watching their hands go on the instruments. I’ve been lucky enough to see this band grow and having met (and partied) with these guys before, I can say they’re a fun bunch and I’ll probably still be a “bandaid” when I’m 30 and dragging my husband along to the shows with me.  

♡ G ♡


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