Monday 18 July 2016

It's been a while since you guys have shared your stories with me about a certain random ass topic, and I'm always fascinated by the things that people dream about. I myself have endless strange dreams and always forget to write them down, apart from a few that have stuck with me for years. They say that writing down your dreams leads to more vivid ones so hey, I might give it a shot and then come back with a part 2 for this post. 

1. "It was a big Asian Olympic competition and everyone came to Bournemouth to watch me perform, but I had to pretend I was Asian so I didn't get booed."

2. "Went to an exotic country. Ellie and I brought back a shoe box full of exotic animals. Paul told us that we couldn't keep them, so we were about to set them free but someone said we actually had to kill them instead incase they harmed our wildlife."

3. "I use to have this dream when I was younger where I was getting chased by a human sized thumb. Like the baddies in spy skids, I must have watched the film and then after that I used to have nightmares where they were chasing me and trying to squash me."

4. "There were three of us friends. And there was some jealousy going on. In the dream my friend really liked this swing on the playground. One day her best friend came into the classroom with black tyre marks on her lip as if she had been kissing the tire. The first friend woke up and was so angry with the other one in real life – it was so weird and sort of funny how angry she was."

5. "My weirdest dream was one I had when my niece was a newborn baby! I dreamt that I took her to school in my school bag and she started crying whilst I was in geography class."

6. "Elton john was painting my toenails and singing candle in the wind but the princess Diana version as if I was dead"

7. "Between the ages of 9-13 I had a recurring dream where Willy Wonka sat in my bedroom and told me how he was going to kill me"

8. "I once had a dream where my little brother had turned into a white rabbit and he kept running away from me. I remember I was meant to be babysitting and I was chasing him down a steep hill and he kept shifting from my brother to rabbit. It was more in depth to that but that's all I remember, after I told my friends they bought me pyjama for my birthday covered with rabbits." 

9. "A lot of my dreams revolve around me being some sort of superhero or a very important member of society. In my last dream my ex had become a psychopath had started killing people and I was asked to try and stop him because I was the only one who could get through to him. I did in the end after he tried to kill me but I managed to get inside his head. It was all very intense and would probably have made a good movie tbh." 

10. "I once had a dream I was best friends with Bruce Wayne (Batman) and I had to keep his secret from everyone. I also lived in a small town so everyone was always talking about Batman and guessing who he was and I was always covering for him and protecting his identity - if only it was a reality." 

11. "I had this dream like 8 years ago and I still remember it so clearly because I used to tell everyone about it. It was about this man in my town who looked like Quasimodo but more evil and he had this huge eye, he worked in a shop and then he started chasing me and my friends to our block of flats. We ran to the top and started making our ways down the stairs to see if he had gone. When we got to the second floor I made my sister go down and check, when she looked through the peep hole his big eye was there and then he ate her."

12. "I was in an episode of Game Of Thrones and made up the whole script in my sleep, I think it's cause I'd been binge watching the show for ages."

13. "I had a really vivid sex dream about Neil Patrick Harris."

14.  "I had a dream I was best friends with Harry Styles but whenever I tried to take a selfie with him he would run away from me. It's like passed out version of me was trying to get proof that we were actually friends. I even checked my phone when I woke up, sat times." 

15. "I once dreamt that I lived in a treehouse and it was being attacked by dinosaurs, I was very Tarzanesque so I was swinging from vine to vine trying to escape and then got eaten by a Stegosaur."

I'd love to hear all about the strange dreams you guys have had! 

♡ GS ♡

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