Sunday 6 November 2016

When you think about some of the world’s best Casinos, or even more the best places to go all out when it comes to gambling and having a good time, everyone automatically thinks - VEGAS! Although the city is full of glitz and glams, we often ignore how much our own country has to offer. From London's Hippodrome to the Rendezvous Casino in Brighton, there's somewhere all across the country where you can try your luck and have a good time. And if you are interested in learning more about this, I have found a complete informative catalog about all the casinos located in the UK, which covers places such as Belfast, Bristol and Liverpool, so I definitely recommend you to check it out!

Having spent a year living in London, of course I was aware of all the casinos the city had to offer. The Hippodrome is as glamorous as can be and is only a short walk from Leicester Square Tube Station, making it easily accessible. I find it's a great alternative to going out to a club with your friends when you fancy something a bit more sociable and exciting. Gentings Casino in Bristol is also quite impressive and local. If you're further up north and looking for something luxurious, the Alea Casino in Glasgow offers great views of the River Clyde and Vegas themed too.

This is all good in the warmer months, but being the UK sometimes the last thing you want to do is leave your sofa! This is where the beauty of online casinos come in. Now that I'm back to living in Bournemouth, this is the best and easiest option for me as I'm a lazy student and it's another way for me to procrastinate from doing work. Or every now and then me and my friends will stumble into Grosvenor Casino if we're near the seafront, they also have a pretty good menu!

What's your favourite casino you've ever visited? Do you think online casinos are quickly becoming more popular?

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