Monday 7 November 2016

So I decided to do this blog tag because I am currently sitting in my freezing cold flat with 3 pairs of socks on, a dressing gown and scarf on and hating life. I would have my mittens on too if that meant I could still type. I almost forgot how dark it gets so soon in UK and I'm definitely not about that life, and I've decided I won't be living anywhere after uni that has an average temperature of under 10 degrees. Rant over, here's a simple list of 30 little things that make me feel #blessed. 

1. When you get to your train platform/bus stop just as they're about to arrive. Bonus points if the doors are shutting and you James Bond your way in.

2. Taking your clothes off at the end of the day and getting into your pyjamas. Assuming you've showered and moisturised. 

3. When you arrive home starving and your dinner has been made for you. Sadly this is something that only ever happens when I'm back home in Gibraltar, even more so when I fly home and I'm greeted with Rosto, cheesecake and Sun Colas. 

4. Smooth legs. 

5. Having just enough dipping sauce for your food. Pizza and garlic & herb dip, chips and mayo, tortilla chips and guac - those are the best love stories. 

6. Clicking submit on your assignment. This will be me on Friday!!! 

7. Ticking off everything on your to-do list for the day. Or adding things you've already done and then crossing them out so you feel more accomplished. 

8. Being up to date with all the TV shows you watch. This is always high on my list of priorities.

9. Peeling a face mask off. #Lush

10. Skinny dipping. There's something oddly satisfying about swimming naked, assuming its dark and it's not around complete strangers.

11. Being able to kiss someone whenever you want. Kissing releases dopamine so we can see why it's so enjoyable - A-Level Psychology input there. 

12. Turning the page on a new book.

13. Reminiscing old times with friends. A lot of the time the jokes will be at your expense, but if you can laugh about it then it's great. 

14. Receiving an unexpected compliment. When I went out at the weekend someone told me I bear a resemblance to Lily Collins and that was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. We all need a little ego boost now and then.

15. Random acts of kindness, both given and received. 

16. Someone telling you you've lost weight. It's nice to see someone's noticed you've not been eating all those Oreos and pizza. 

17. Hotel beds. If you know me you know I have a bad habit of taking a sheet with me if they're the soft white ones that you get in Spanish hotels, oops. 

18. When you receive a package or mail that isn't bills or spam. I wish people still wrote letters, but it's also great when the random things you bought off eBay at 2am arrive because they're like presents to yourself.

19. Seeing children being polite and kind. I was in the queue in G&Ts the other day and this 10 year old boy was buying a candle for his friend who was paying at another till and told the lady to hide it when she was scanning it, I had to smile.

20. Getting home just as it's starting to rain. Which if you live in the UK, is pretty rare.

21. Waking up and realising you still have another hour left in bed. A bonus if you realise it's actually the weekend. 

22. When you remember you have leftover food/snacks in the fridge. Not quite as great when you go to retrieve said leftover food in the fridge and then realise your sibling has eaten it.

23. When someone makes you a (good) cup of tea. If you don't know what that feels like, have a look at how my readers defined that here

24. Having someone say "I miss you" Or if you're lucky "I love you". 

25. Finding a new artist you're in love with. Mine's been Lana Del Rey for about 4 years now and the obsession is still real. 

26. Not buying something then finding out it's on sale next time you see it. 

27. Going to an event where there's free alcohol and canap├ęs. What I miss most about placement year, still dreaming about those pulled duck buns. 

28. Laughing until you wet yourself or cry. 

29. Reading Tea With Gi. I hope this post has brought you some sort of enjoyment. 

30. Finding money, or something you thought you had lost, like my passport the evening before flying. 

If you have a blog of your own then I tag you to name some of the little things that make you happy, or just spread some joy in the comments below! 

♡ GS ♡

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