Friday 16 December 2016

I've had this post planned in my drafts for like a month now, and since I have an hour and a half to kill at the airport now is the perfect time to put it all together. We've all heard about how useless half the things we learnt in school are in the real world, like algebra, measuring the width of a river and how well you can recite all of MacBeth's soliloquy's. So I asked some of you guys to share what you think should be incorporated into those oh so useful PSHE lessons. 

1. "That life is not as simple as they say in books, there are more bad people than good people in the world, not everything is about work and money... and tell algebra to stop asking Y because his X is not coming back" - Leila, 26

2. "How the government works. I think everyone should be more informed about all the political parties and how things are actually run in the country!" - Zoe, 21

3. "Taxes and mortgages!" - Brad, 22

4. "Why the hell was I learning algebra when I am still not entirely sure how or why I'm paying a shit ton of council tax, so that would be nice to know." - Grace, 21

5. "Computers were not around when I was in school, so I wish I could have learnt how to use them back then so I would be able to keep up with all this new technology! - Maite, 47 

6. "Basic cooking skills, I mean I could google how to boil an egg, but a nice manual with all the different kitchen utensils and weird contraptions are for would have been useful." - Sam, 22

7. "To not stress out so much because school is probably easiest and relaxed time of your life and people don't really care what you got for your GCSEs" - Megan, 22

8. "About contraception. Up until I was 17 I only knew about condoms and the contraceptive pill and I had no idea the morning after pill existed!"- Serah, 23 

9. "I think schools should talk to students about mental illness. If I hadn't taken psychology I don't think I would have had any clue as to why people get depressed and how to overcome it. There are so many teenagers who suffer with depression, anxiety etc. and don't speak up because they're not well informed and think they're going through it alone. I think it would help if it was talked about normally in school and they'd know it was nothing to feel ashamed of. " - G. 

10. "I think boys should be given a handbook on understand girls, and please them (not just in the bedroom, but that would help too)" - Harry, 23 

11. "How to be famous" - Aidan, 20

12. "I'd like to have learnt the things you wouldn't know about having to live by yourself, away from your parents. Like how to sort out bills or DIY things and also more about different religions" - Laura, 21

13. "I think we should learn more about creative career paths like and not just the usual, not everyone wants to be a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant!" - Mary, 22

14. "Practising making phone calls so I wouldn't get so anxious whenever I had to make my own appointments." - Joseph, 19

15.  "How to deal with grief, time-management and maybe how to survive in the wilderness and not rely on technology that much." - Jesus, 21

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about the matter in the comments below! 

♡ GS ♡

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