Tuesday 27 December 2016

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted something on the blog and with the new year approaching, it means I now have a lot of content in terms of 2016/2017 lists. As I've mentioned before, having an Odeon Limitless card means Lauren and myself spent the most part of 2016 in the cinema drinking free tango ice blasts from our friend with the galaxy sleeve tattoo. Here is a brief list of what I personally thought were the most (and least) enjoyable movies of the year, in no particular order. 


The Jungle Book - I was never a big fan of the animated version, but I've seen the live action version twice and find Mowgli so cute and has the same sassiness as my 7 year old brother. However King Louie's rendition of I Wanna Be Like You was a tad on the creepy side. 

Zootopia - I'm not a massive fan of animated movies, but if it's got Disney written on it then I'll probably be sucked in into watching it. This movie definitely has a lot of adult jokes within it that you knew you'd never had picked up as a 10 year old, so I think it was a movie anyone could enjoy. 

Captain America: Civil War - Iron Man has always been a pain in the arse, so this was an enjoyable movie and it was cute to see the new spiderman make his cameo. 

X-Men: Apocalypse - I was a bit skeptical about seeing whiney Sansa Stark in this movie, but she actually did a great job. The storyline was interesting and gets your heart pumping at all the fighty bits, and I love Evan Peters. 

10 Cloverfield Lane - I've never seen cloverfield, and I hate sci-fi, but somehow this movie managed to hold my interest and my heart in my chest. However the ending was very unrealistic but the rest of it makes for a good thriller. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - How can you not love Eddie Redmayne, he's so awkwardly cute in every movie he does. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this and obviously it wasn't as great as Harry Potter, but I'm interested to see how the story plays out in the other movies. The baker is also my favourite. 

Me Before You - I love Sam Claflin and Emilia Clark, I started reading the book when they had already announced the cast, so it was great to see everything I'd imagined in my head come to life. I think their chemistry was great and the movie made me laugh out loud (at possibly inappropriate scenes) as well as having me reach for the tissues. 

Doctor Strange - I hadn't even watched the trailer for this when I ran into the cinema before an job interview to kill time. I found Benedict Cumberbatch to be very witty and even though the movie hasn't got as much kick-assness as the rest of the marvel universe, my adrenaline levels still doubled when leaving the cinema. 

Pete's Dragon - I went to watch this with Jake (who fell asleep whilst I had gone to the toilet) and it was such a sweet movie. It seems to be the year for movies about children being left in the jungle, but still a great watch. 

Allied - The first 20 minutes of the movie dragged on a bit, but I guess it was to attempt and build the chemistry between Max (Brad Pitt) and Marianne (Marion Cotillard). I found my heart beating twice as fast during most of the movie, and then cried. This is also apparently the movie that causes the split between Branjelina #juicy. 

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - My friend read this book in a day, so I supposed the movie would be good too. Finding a family friendly movie can be tough but I think this was one we all enjoyed, even though 'the hollows' kept my brother wining that he couldn't sleep at night. 

The Legend of Tarzan - Tarzan and Jane were super hot, so for one the cast was perfect. I was a tad confused at first because it turns out this wasn't produced by Disney, so the story line is slightly different, but still enjoyable. 


Batman V Superman - I think I've seen this on every worst movie list in existence. I kinda feel bad for Ben Affleck. It was just so rushed and they literally went from enemies to allies in 0.2 seconds. Wonder Woman was just faffing about for the whole movie to hold the attention of the male audience, and I just feel like it might have been better if Christian Bale had portrayed Batman as there would have been a familiar history with the two characters. 

Independence Day - In a nutshell, I can't remember a single thing that happened in the movie and it had been so long since the first one that I couldn't link anything either. At best you get to stare at Liam Hemsworth for 2 hours. 

The Girl On The Train - #thebookwasbetter

Friend Request - I'm putting this on the list because I know Lauren hated this most. Thank god we didn't have to waste real money on it. It was just so cheesy and just relied on jump scares.

The Witch - This has had a lot of great reviews, but me and mum spent the most of the movie thinking what the hell is going on and pulling faces of disgust. 


Suicide Squad - I dragged Lauren out of bed to go see the midnight premiere, and I'm not sure if it's because we were both half asleep and were zoning in and out but the movie seemed to have no plot line. It has a strong start and then the rest of the time the characters were just wandering about like Sims, but it wasn't terrible, I'd watch it again. I decided to keep Harley Quinn out of the photo still, because I think we've all seen enough of her this year. 

For obvious reasons, I have not taken into account all 33948584 movies that have been released this year or the 100 or so movies I've seen, but they're the ones that have stood out. What have been your favourites (and least) of 2016?

♡ GS ♡

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