Thursday 29 June 2017

One of the perks of being a blogger is getting to try new and innovative products that I probably wouldn't have come across myself. This is probably something I wish was around when I was 16, I've never had acne as such but I'd always have lots of spots in the chin area and still get the occasional one there or in the most random places (like the one I currently have on my cheek). Thanks to this spot popping up it gave me the perfect opportunity to test and review the me Clear Anti-Blemish pen.


As you can see from the photo above, the product is a small portable device with a laser head that uses laser technology to eliminate blemishes and works on all skin types. It can be used for acne or small blemishes and whether your skin is dry or oil it does its job. Results can be seen in up to 24 hours. 


The anti-blemish device features uses blue-light technology, sonic vibrations and a gentle warming technique to eliminate blemishes and noticeable effects can be seen in 24 hours. This technology is also used by dermatologists so it's a legit procedure. The product is designed to be used for 2 minutes a day, you simply hold down the the on button and place it above your spot for the time where it is flashing, until it stops. It comes with a charger so if you have it charged you can carry it around with you when travelling etc. and use it when need be. 


At first intense I was a bit apprehensive about using it because in my head laser equals pain. I was pleasantly surprised that it was 100% painless, in fact my biggest issue was figuring out where the on button was (once you take the lid off, it's pretty obvious). I love that I can take this on the go with me and it only take 2 minutes - after my first use I noticed my spot had dried up and the redness has subdued. I used it for 4 days and my spot is pretty much flat and pretty much gone. I always apply aloe vera gel after to 'cool' the area and because I use aloe vera for everything. At £36 I'd say it's a good investment as it lasts and does have noticeable effects. 

✨ Have you tried this product yourself? Have you guys tried any other innovative treatments like this? ✨


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