Monday 3 July 2017

Hey guys, this months favourites post is going to be very lifestyle based as I haven't really bought any new products and haven't been wearing much make-up as I've been spending most of my days on the beach! June was a pretty chilled month and it was nice to have no university or work to worry about, and instead Love Island took over my life. Here are some of my favourite things and highlights for June. 


Now that uni is over I can finally get round to reading for pleasure! Sadly there's no WHSmith in Gibraltar and buying cheap books online usually takes two weeks to come. So I've been swapping in my books at a second hand book shop which is a great way to A. declutter my bookshelf and B. save me a lot of money. I'm almost done reading Dear Amy which I had to analyse for about 5 minutes at the bookstore because the plot sounded familiar. I love thrillers and so far this seems promising, it follows a woman called Margot who writes an advice column, and is receiving letters from a girl who went missing 20 years ago. 


As I mentioned earlier and if you follow me on twitter you've probably seen me constantly tweeting about Love Island. I've never really been a fan of reality TV but this has truly sucked me in and at first it was strange seeing a girl from my university on it at first but she's coming across fab. I just think it's a hilarious show and I wish I was on it just to take part in the hilarious games (minus the spitting the fruit in mouth one, that was disgusting). 

I started watching Bates Motel years ago but only recently got back into it and my mum has got addicted to it too.  I think the acting in it is great and the show has an equal balance of creepy-ness and humour. Freddie Highmore makes a great Norman bates and (I'm not caught up yet) I can't wait for him to reach his psycho potential and I've heard the show goes beyond what happens in Alfred Hitchcock's movie so I'm excited for that too. 

Then of course I binge watched season 5 of Orange is The New Black - I kind of hate they release it all at once just because then I have to wait another year for the next season and then forget what happened last. I liked this season, although it didn't end on a bright note like some of the others have. That episode with Piscatella taking down some of the inmates was truly terrifying. 


The two albums I've been mainly listening to this month are Katy Perry's Witness and Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. To be honest I haven't loved any of KP albums as much since her One Of The Boys record. I haven't been that much of a fan of her singles from this album but there are some tracks which I'm pretty fond of, including Miss You More, Hey Hey Hey and Mind Maze. On to Halsey's album, I think her sound has gone slightly more mainstream since her Room 94 days, but after listening to the album a couple of times it has been greatly put together. My favourites include Sorry, Heaven in Hiding, Now or Never and Bad at Love. 


  • I finally kickstarted my learning to drive process and did my theory test, which I got a solid 50/50 in wehey! A part of me has always been scared about learning to drive because I'm always in my own world so the likelihood of me being hit by another car/hitting a pole are probably high. Apart from that I live so close to everything that I've always been fine with walking but now that I'm done with uni it would be nice to be able to drive into Spain when I want. 
  • If you read my goals for May you may remember I've embarked on a new 'weight loss journey' and I am now 6kg down from what I weighed in January. having lost 4 this month! Last week was a bit of a slip because everyone kept offering me pizza and cake but I hope to have reached my goal weight by my graduation (November). 
  • The best part about Gibraltar in the summer is the abundance of music festivals! Last month I got myself coloured in colour for the Holifest and I swear I was blowing black paint out of my nose for 3 days, but give me a day party over a night out any day! 
  • If we take it way back to the 1st June, I also got to see my babe Shawn Mendes in concert at the 02 Arena. Admittedly I was a bit apprehensive at first due to what had happened in Manchester the week before and even being at a concert it made me empathise a lot with the tragedy, However Shawn is a great performer and my only wish was that we would have magically bumped into each other at Nando's and he would have handed me his number (even though he's like 19). 
  • June was also bittersweet in that I had to say goodbye to my second home Bournemouth now that I'm done with uni. It was great to have one last big blowout at Summer ball with everyone and I'll probably find a way to snake my way into next years event, I do love a fancy dress! 

That's about all for last month, hopefully July proves to be more exciting! What have been some of your June favourites and highlights? 

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