Monday 10 July 2017

Being from such a small place, I remember being 16 and googling 'fun things to do when you'r bored' on google, but looking back those days were pretty fun. It's when you get to your 20s that you start running low on ideas and the boredom kicks in quicker. Depending where you are of course, if you're living in London then you're never short of something to do (here's a list if you're stuck on ideas). That aside, here are 25 fun ideas to keep you entertained this summer, young adult or not.


1. Have a picnic. 

2. Go to a water park. You'll hit those 10,000 steps in no time with the time you spend climbing steps/hills to get on the rides.

3. Throw a slop (stay late order pizza) at the beach. I haven't had one of these since I was 18, but who doesn't love a late night swim and food? Just not at the same time, you can get a stitch and drown.

4. Find an outdoor cinema. 

5. Go on a road trip. 

6. Take a hike. Or if you're in Gibraltar and the weather isn't scorching, work on your butt up the med steps/rock.

7. Have a staycation. Explore your local area if you can't afford to go abroad this year, or if your neighbouring countries are close by, you've got a plethora of new places to go there!

8. Throw an old fashioned sleepover. Gather your pals and have everyone bring snacks, you won't even have to take ages deciding on a movie if you use my handy movie list here.

9. Host an afternoon tea. Two of my friends bought me lovely teapots for my birthday/Christmas last year and I still haven't found the occasion to use it, here it is!

10. Take turns to host a dinner party. Assuming everyone in your friendship group can at least make one meal, then take turns to cook for your friends on a Saturday night etc.

11. Binge watch a new TV show. You're never short for choices on Netflix.

12. Take up a new sport or hobby. Especially if you're on your summer break from university, now is the perfect time to start something you say you don't have time for whilst at uni.

13. Read for pleasure. It makes the time go by, so you can work on your tan in no time.

14. Learn a new skill. If you've always wanted to master a pavlova, now's your chance.

15. Party somewhere new. Going to the same bars/clubs can be monotonous and frankly get boring. So plan a night out in a different town or simply try going somewhere new you wouldn't usually think of going, spontaneous nights are the best ones after all!

16. Have a spa day, or bring it to your home. You could always make your own face masks and sit in a row with your friends massaging each others backs.

17. Attend a music festival. Big or small, there's sure to be something going on close by!

18. Find a new spot for your hangouts. Unintentionally I've found myself going to Supernatural every week with my pals, they're juices are the bomb. Find your central perk.

19. Plan an inexpensive weekend away. 

20. Venture out of your friendship group. Your friends might be the funnest people on the planet, but it's always nice to get together with new or different people and have different conversations.

21. Visit a museum or art gallery. 

22. Have a cheese and wine night. Unless your friends are all vegan.

23. Have a game night. Family fortunes always goes down well.

24. Throw a beach party. All you need is some speakers, a couple of cups and guests.

25. Celebrate my birthday! 26th August guys x

I hope I've provided you guys with some ideas for a fab summer, and on another note you don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend for any of these things - woo! 


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