Tuesday 10 October 2017

So recently (yesterday) I became the proud new owner of an iPhone 8 plus wehey! I planned this post whilst I still had my iPhone 6 (hence the photography), but with having a new phone means downloading the apps I still use frequently, and not Pokemon Go because we all know that phase lasted 2 seconds. Obviously Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a given, seeing as I spend my life on Twitter and tagging my friends in memes, but here are the other apps I use on a daily basis. This post is written in collaboration with GoCustomized where you can create your own personal phone cases in a range of styles. In my case I decided to go for the 'mum' cover, and sadly the time I took it off, my screen smashed ha.

gocustomized case

1. Myfitnesspal

I've downloaded and deleted this app so many times throughout the year, but now that I'm proper into my 'fitness journey' this has definitely made my life 10X easier. It allows you to set a calorie goal for the day and then you can either scan/enter what you've eaten that day and it gives you a breakdown of your macros, how many steps you've taken and your projected weight in 5 weeks if 'everyday were like today'. I've found it a great tool to give me a guideline on what I actually consume in a day. 

2. Pacer

Like a fitbit for your phone, I know you can use the Health app for this but I like the layout of this app and it gives me a quick glance on how many steps I've done in a day and how many calories I've burnt. 


This app has definitely made my Instagram pages (gianamariex/teawithgi) more aesthetically pleasing. It's so easy to use and for most of the features, it's free! If you search pinterest you can find plenty of presets to get the theme/look you want for your page. I use HB1 for most of my photos. Colourstory is also an app I sometimes use for my blog photos. 

4. Duolingo

I'm trying to dedicate 10 minutes at night to learning a new language, or well relearning French and becoming fluent in it, so I can actually talk to French people and not just insult non-french speakers with the vocabulary I hold. It's free and tracks your progress, according to this I am 70% fluent, so je suis almost there! 

5. Heads Up

The ultimate ice-breaker game for when you're at a gathering or falling asleep at your family get together. This app was created by Ellen Degeneres and it's basically charades with more talking, rudeness and singing. Most decks on this are free, but you can purchase additional bundles for £1.99. 

6. Wally

This is a great app for those of you at university who like me, were crap at budgeting their money. This app lets you see how much money you spend on entertainment, food, going out etc. and then based on your weekly/monthly allowance works out a budget plan for you. So it's like your parents but less naggy.

7. Timehop

Because who doesn't love remembering all the cringey things they tweeted 4 years ago on this day?

8. Spotify

I'll keep using this until they realise I'm no longer a student and have to pay £10 a month, but to be honest I have no complaints and I love that you can make collaborative playlists on it. Which means no one in your friendship group can argue the music is crap at predrinks when you're driving somewhere if everyone throws in some music. 

9. Picolo 

Another great icebreaker for pre-drinks! Picolo allows you to enter everyones name and then comes up with things for you all to do - i.e. smartest player in the group drink etc. There are also different levels varying from tame to 'caliente', incase you're into that swinger stuff.

10. Yummly 

If you can only boil an egg in the kitchen, then this is the pefect app for you. This has over 500 recipes and comes with tutorials which makes it easier than following a list of instructions. What I love about it is that you can enter what you currently have in your fridge/cupboard and it comes up with recipes for you too! 

What are some of the apps you use daily? 

This blog post was written in collaboration with GoCustomized, to create your own customisable phone case head here


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