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Whether you're a blogger, influencer, youtuber, or just a person with a social media account on the internet. I think every now and again we should be using our platforms to spread a bit of awareness and positivity. Twitter is especially good for this - I really think that platform brings to light a lot of matters. So today, I'd like to talk about ways we can all do our bit for the environment, starting from home. 

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1. Guys, Recycle!

If you're going to do one thing then this should probably be where to start. I know for a lot of people it might seem like a hassle to wash out your cans before throwing them and shiz but it really doesn't take up that much more of your time. We took the initiative in the office as well and have boxes dedicated to plastic and cardboard, which I nicely decorated with pictures. This doesn't just have to be in terms of your rubbish - if you are renovating your home then choosing to buy 'second-hand' rooms can also be cost-effective and helpful. Used Kitchen Exchange recycle and resell old kitchens, and if you have a look at their website some of these units are beautiful. They also go the extra mile by recycling old kitchens that can't be sold. 

2. Buy a re-usable bag.

I'm the first to say there are many times where I'm in the supermarket and I've forgotten to bring mine with me. So unless I'm only carrying 2 apples I'm gonna have to buy one (but they are reusable!). I bought a cute one from ale-hop for a couple of euros and I use it most days to carry my food to work and other bits. 

3. Stop buying plastic bottles.

I'm proud to say I haven't bought a plastic bottle of water in a loooong time. Although I did take the complimentary one from my hotel in Bucharest. Amazon sells a large variety of pretty aluminium bottles in all sizes, so you can make sure it fits into your gym bag or backpack (or if you want to make sure you're getting your 2L a day). 

4. Try and cook with what you have first.

The amount of food we waste is incredible, so a good habit to get into is cooking with the stuff you have in your fridge and pantry before you go and do another Asda shop. When I was in uni I'd try and be really healthy and buy loads of veg and then by the end of the week I'd have to throw half of it because it had gone bad - so that's another thing to watch out for. 

5. Be more digital.

40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used for paper (oooooo look at me bringing in facts), and really a lot of the time we don't really need to take things back to old school paper and pen. I always find it such a waste when businesses print all these brochures and flyers when we know that we consume stuff better through the digital world. This Christmas, sending cards via Paperless Post might also be a good alternative. 

6. Make the most of public transport.

I mean I do this anyway because I still don't have my driving license, but even if I did I think it would be more hassle to take out my car, drive for 10 minutes, and have to find a parking space on my way home than to just take the free bus system that Gibraltar has. Or, if the sun is shining and the birds are singing, walk! (if it's less than half an hour away of course).

7. Eat a little less meat (and dairy).

I'm not vegan, although I did take part in Veganuary in January and I'm hoping to do the same in 2019. The Environmental Working Group found that red meat is responsible for 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse emissions as common vegetables and grains - so we could do with cutting it out of our diets for a day or two. If you need a little bit of inspiration I asked 15 vegans what their favourite recipes were

8. Participate in clean-ups.

Now and again my family take part in beach clean-ups and it makes for quite a rewarding day out. I'm not saying you have to go picking up everyones rubbish you see on the street because, gross - but giving something back to the community now and again is good. 

9. Become a shower person.

To be honest I've never been much of a bath person - I get bored easily and it's horrible getting out into the cold once the water has gone cold. I much prefer a sing in the shower with boiling water to wash away my sins. 

10. Turn off the bloody lights!!

That's all. 

Do you do any of these yourself? Would love to know what else you do to help the environment! 


* This post was written in collaboration with UKE but all words and opinions are my own *

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