Wednesday 26 January 2022

Toronto is a cultural hub that has everything from arts to sciences and history: and bringing your kids here is a great way to introduce them to everything the world has to offer. Although it can be an expensive city to visit, try to fit in at least a couple of these activities while you visit!  

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Legoland Discovery Center

The Legoland Discovery Center in Toronto is one of a small but cherished number of Lego amusement parks worldwide.

In this park, you can play with your child in build and play zones, enjoy two different Lego-themed rides, a softer play area, a 4D theater, the world's Largest Lego flag made of Lego bricks, and stop into the gift shop.  You can even build custom Lego people based on you and your child so you can remember the day for years to come!

Ontario Science Center

The Ontario Science Centre is a massive and beautiful museum that focuses on science and technology.  These thousands of exhibits, including interactive ones your kids can get hands-on with, you can spend a whole day getting lost in here.

There’s even a cafeteria with delicious and affordable food so that you can take a break in the middle of the day for a tasty lunch.

Toronto Zoo

This zoo, covering just over a square mile of land, has thousands of animals, covering hundreds of species to wow and amaze your children.  They can grasp at the sheer size of rhinos or be entertained by the monkeys and penguins.  Every exhibit is informational, so they can learn about animals from all over Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia while walking just a few feet.

There's plenty of seating and food available, too, so this can be a great place to spend lunch and walk around.

Royal Ontario Museum

This museum of art, culture, and natural history is the largest in Canada.  The exterior looks like a gorgeous art piece and the interior is full of constantly changing exhibits, so you'll never see the same museum two summers in a row. 

This museum is massive, so your children can walk out their energy while learning about the country and its art and culture.  This can be a great break from looking at real estate in Toronto, don’t be afraid to take it! 

Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park

If you're intrigued by seasonal fun and incredible roller coasters and rides: Canada’s Wonderland is the place to go!  If you live in the area, you can buy gold passes to go whenever you want.

Although the food in the park can be pricey, if you come right after lunch and leave before dinner, you can save that money.  There are tons of things to do here, and it's a popular weekend spot for families who want to get out and spend time together!

Toronto has something for everyone, including kids!  This is an amazing city full of endless entertainment, fantastic views, and fun that never stops.  If you have the chance to stop in and enjoy yourself, try some of these locations so that your kids can have a great time while they're in town! 


Monday 10 January 2022

Now that we've entered the new year and we're seeing the end of the chocolate selection boxes and family parties, one of the things on our minds is getting back on track with our health and fitness. I can't say I've been having many breakfasts over the festive period, either because I've been too full from the night before or because I've slept in until midday. That aside, I am a breakfast person and it always sets the tone for your day if you start with something nutritious but also filling. If you're looking to increase your daily protein intake, here are 5 high protein breakfasts you need to try. 

high protein breakfast

I recently purchased a digital scale which is great for measuring stuff like oats if you don't have measuring cups. When making these recipes I don't measure everything exactly (like cacao powder/nut butters) but I might measure a spoon the first time and if I know a teaspoon of almond butter is 90 calories then I'll just eyeball it next time. You can also use a handy conversion tool that allows you to convert any measurement if you're not sure what the equivalent is. Especially if you're looking at recipes that are UK/US tailored. 

1. Chocolate & Banana Baked Oats

I've been obsessed with this lately, especially because it feels like you're having dessert for breakfast. I use a a rectangular ceramic dish and throw the ingredients into a blender before adding the mixture to the dish. Remember to add around 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder. I then put it in the oven at 180-200 degrees for about 20 minutes (or when it's baked to your desire). I find that if you let it set for an hour the inside will solidify more. 

Protein: 36.5g Fats: 13g Carbs: 40g

banana baked oats

2. Cheesy Scrambled Eggs on Toast

I've probably been alternating between baked oats, this and Weetabix for the last month and a half. I've been loving Biona's Rye Bread and my favourite is the chia & flax seed one. I find a lot of people either love or hate the texture but find that it adds a bit more 'oomf' to your meal. You can jazz up your scrambled eggs however you like, and I definitely don't go light on the garlic powder. The trick to the perfect scrambled eggs is to move the pan off the heat before the eggs are fully set.

Protein: 23g Fats: 18g Carbs: 35g

cheesy scrambled eggs

3. Protein Pancakes

I'll warn you now, these won't look as attractive as regular pancakes. The fact I use chocolate protein powder in mine also means that people always assume they're burnt lol. There are a number of ways of making protein pancakes, and you can play with the ingredients to see if you prefer using eggs or bananas (or both). 

Protein: 39g Fats: 13g Carbs: 51g

4. Apple & Cinnamon Porridge/Oatmeal 

When I was younger the only porridge I consumed was Quaker Oats Golden Syrup, and then of course everyone would go on about how much sugar they contain (still tastes good though). I started making this more nutritious version during lockdown and honestly if you make it on the hob you'll end up with so much that you'll be full past lunch.

I use equal parts of water and oat milk for mine but you can alter this to your liking. Make sure to add and stir in the protein powder at the end once the oatmeal is cooked. Keep your hob on a medium-heat so nothing gets stuck to the bottom either. 

Protein: 34g Fats: 14g Carbs: 48g

apple protein porridge

5. Protein French Toast

The type of bread you use for this will make all the difference. Brioche usually tastes the best and is what most restaurants serve, but if you can't be bothered to go to the shops then your regular brown or white supermarket bread works just fine! 

Mix the protein powder (I sometimes use half a scoop instead of a full one), two eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon in a bowl and cover your slices of bread on it. Fry some butter on a pan and place your slice on the pan, turning it over until it becomes golden. Top with whatever you'd like! 

Protein: 41g Fats: 16g Carbs: 53g

I hope you've enjoyed this post and have at least found one recipe you like! 


* This is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own *


Wednesday 5 January 2022

 Your twenties can be the most defining decade in your life, because it’s a time where we usually have to make the biggest life choices, but can also afford to make the most mistakes and learn from them. It’s usually when we have the most opportunities and obstacles thrown at us, but also the most memorable experiences. I wanted to reflect back on my twenties so far and share the best life lessons I’ve learnt up to now. 

tea with gi blog

1. Define your own meaning of success

Society has conditioned a lot of us to think success means being in your dream job by 25, and having a family and a property by the time you are 30. The reality of it is that we are all on unique journeys. Some people want all of the above and that’s okay. If you’d rather focus on seeing the world or pursuing your passion in your twenties and then starting a family later, know that that is also okay. These are the years you have to think what path you want to set for yourself, instead of looking back and thinking ‘I wish I would have done this differently’.

2. Adopt good money habits

This might be an obvious one, but I’ve met quite a few people who had not even opened a savings account until recently! My best advice is to always put a bit of money aside as soon as your monthly paycheck comes in and pay your expenses first. Once you see what you have left you can choose how to spend your disposable income. I’d even suggest opening two savings accounts, one for ‘adult’ expenses like trips to the dentist and one for the fun stuff like holidays. So there won’t be any unexpected surprises!

3. Pay attention to who you give your time to

As you get older, you realise that how long you’ve been friends with someone doesn’t always correlate with how good of a friend they are. Pay attention to people who are actually happy for your little or big successes, and who bring out your best parts. At the end of the day your time is precious, so you don’t want to give it away to people who bring you negative energy and do not add any joy to your life.

4. Live abroad, even if it’s just for 6 months

When you’re in your early twenties you are more likely to have the least baggage and things ‘tying you down’ to where you live. If living abroad is something you want to pursue, then I recommend taking a bar or temp job at home whilst you save up for your trip, as this way you won’t feel guilty leaving your ‘career’ behind. I think if you spend your whole life living in one place you’ll only be exposed to certain ways of thinking, living and cultures. So go out and expand your horizons!

5. Remember that ‘this too shall pass’

I had this tattooed on my shoulder when I was 20, so it’s been something I think about quite often! There’s two ways to look at this, when you’re going through a rough patch in life and feel like it’s the end of the world just know that you won’t be feeling this way forever. I actually remember a teacher once saying ‘the worst day of your life is only 24 hours’ and I often think of that too. On the other hand, it’s a reminder to stay present and enjoy good things when they’re happening.

6. Learn to love your body

This is something easier said that done, and there's still times I see pictures of myself and wish I didn't have any cellulite on my thighs or more toned arms. Other times I think, who gives a shit? Everyone has insecurities and as soon as we 'fix' one we probably find something else to complain about. Instead we should learn to accept our flaws and focus on the parts we love about ourselves. I enjoy going to the gym and nourishing my body, but I also enjoy Haribos and cheesy garlic bread. Remember that those few extra pounds on your body are the memories you make - birthday parties, dinner with friends and Netflix pizza and chill with good company.

7. Know that good relationships are worth waiting for

A lot of people meet their partners at school or university, but if that hasn’t been your story don’t think you have to couple up with the first eligible bachelor that slides into your DMs just because everyone else around you is taken. At the end of the day love is meant to be rare, so don’t assume that you’re going to end up alone with 5 cats just because you haven’t met your future husband/wife yet. It’s better to enjoy your own company and eventually meet someone who’s going to add to your life, than settling for someone in hopes of them ‘completing’ you.

8. This is the best time to try and fail

If I have one regret in life, it’s not trying my Fro-Yo business venture in Gibraltar. They say your twenties is the best time to ‘try and pursue your passion’ because if you fail, you still have time to try again or start something new. The same goes for your place of work. If you’re thinking of changing your career path or want to go back to university and study something different, you still have time to make that change.

9. Learn to prioritise your happiness and your mental health

Self-love and self-care doesn’t have to look like having a 10 step skincare routine and a bubble bath every night. It’s reflecting on yourself as a person and external factors and asking yourself ‘what are the things that make me happy?’ For me little things like trips to the cinema, having a gym workout with a friend or going out for a drink and a dance are things that I enjoy. I know a lot of people find apps like Instagram triggering because they compare themselves to the people they see on there. So choose to follow people who are going to inspire you instead of making you feel insecure. Growing up means being able to let go of things and people that are not good for your mental health, and prioritising your happiness.

10. Remember to have fun!

Even at my age, I still feel like sometimes I spend time worrying about my future or if I’m going out too much or at what stage in my life I should be in by now. It’s important to remember these are the years where you can afford to be a bit more selfish. If you’re not hurting anyone who cares if you go out every weekend because you enjoy letting your hair down after a 45 hour work week. Or if you’d rather be at home with a book on a Friday night. Or if you want to spend all your disposable income on festivals. No one looks back at their life and thinks ‘I wish I would have had less fun’.




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Sunday 2 January 2022

While earlier, removing excess hair used to be a women’s investment in her self-care and aesthetics routine, today, men are buying different hair removal options for diverse needs & wants. Men are becoming more particular about getting a defined brow line or cleaning irregular hair growth around ears and behind the neck. Further, hair removal in men has grown beyond the scope of work requirements such as in the case of swimmers, models, or gymnasts, etc. But more and more men are drawing towards shaving hairs on the backside, chest, armpits, and around the genital area for hygiene and a clean look.

Even though men have entered the domain of hair removal and demanding useful options, the domain hasn’t grown much in terms of convenience for males. At the same time, today, laser treatment remains a wonderful alternative to shaving. 

Let’s discuss some of the best benefits of laser hair removal below:-

Pain-Free Alternative To Waxing

Laser hair removal for men is a pain-free and successful alternative to the traditional waxing method. Gone are the days, when there were no other options than waxing and shaving. While waxing can be extremely painful, esp. for men in their chest and back hair, removing hair from laser treatments is perfectly painless and stress-free.

Requires Lesser Maintenance

Laser treatments can help you spend lesser time on hair removing and taking care of hygiene aspects. In a few sessions, you can expect brilliant results. While the laser treatment kills the hair root, it doesn’t attack the hair follicle unlike in the electrolysis procedure. This means, that another hair can grow on the area treated but the growth becomes very difficult and none in some cases.

Lasts Long

One of the foremost benefits of laser hair removal for men remains its long-lasting quality. Hair removal can be a messy and time taking option for many, however, when it comes to laser treatments, one can expect better results with convenience and comfort. At the same time, other options like shaving and waxing are harmful to the skin and require repetitive procedures once every second month or so.

Gives You Clean And Aesthetically Pleasing Look

To achieve a clean look and maintain aesthetics, one must opt for getting laser treatments for hair removal. Men tend to sweat a lot and with a lot of hair, this can make them more prone to compromised hygiene. On the other hand, removing hair from armpits, back, chest, and around genital areas can make them stay fresh and clean all day all night.

Say Bye To Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is the worst. They occur when shaving, hair doesn’t grow outwards as it should be but instead curl inside the skin. Ingrown hair is harmful and can lead to infection as well as scarring. The best way to treat them is through laser treatments.


Who doesn’t want to look perfect in terms of aesthetics and appearance? In the case of men, body and facial hair have also become an important part of one’s overall personality. In such a case, laser removal can serve the best of both world benefits for men.

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