Monday 8 February 2016

It's that time of the year that wherever you turn, there'll be cuddly bears, heart shaped chocolates or flower bouquets being sold to you, it's almost like a constant reminder telling you "HEY! You're single and no one will be buying you these things!" Shouldn't there also be a day to celebrate being by yourself and happy? I mean there is plenty to celebrate about.....

1. You don’t have to hang out with his crappy friends
Or put up with his BFF "Jenny" who gave you the side eye every time you hang around with them. If you happened to get along with them just fine, then you could always make them your friends as long as you refrain from making your ex the main topic of conversation.

2. You can go on as many dates with as many different people as your heart desires
Download Tinder, go to a speed-dating event, decide to meet that cutie from the bar for a drink at the weekend - you can do it all, if you're popular enough you can even have them pay for your dinner every night of the week!

3. You can watch all the crappy tv shows and chick flicks you want and fall back in love with your fictional men (yes you Damon Salvatore)
Even more so....if you were watching a series together you can binge watch a whole season of Orange Is The New Black without having to wait for their slow ass to catch up with you so you can watch it together.

4. You will save a ton of money
No Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, Anniversary presents for them! Instead you can treat yourself to presents from you to you.

5. No awkward family dinners 
 At your house or at theirs, plus there's no pretending to like the food they’ve cooked if you don't and having to eat all of it so you don't feel rude. More so you can eat as much as you want at your family get togethers without being judged (plus no them means more food for you).

6. You can stay out as late as you want 
and with whoever you want!

7. You never have to pretend to enjoy watching Star Trek ot Lord of The Rings ever again
Unless you sincerely do enjoy it, I do have to thank my ex for my love of Batman now.

8. You can go and do wherever you want without having to think about how it’s going to affect your paranoid s/o. 
Move country, change job, get a new tattoo, spend that extra hour in the evening at a boxing class - there'll be no one else you'll have to please but yourself.

9. You never have to worry whether you’re settling and can fantasise about the day you’ll get to marry Zac Efron. Because it will happen, one day.

10. Most importantly....you learn to love yourself and be happy being by yourself for a while.
Hopefully you've grasped from this list, that it's all been fairly light hearted and not meant to offend any of you happy in love, because being in love can be great (if it's with the right person). On a serious note, being single allows you to grow as a person without having anyone else influence your life and decisions, including your friends and family. It allows you to find other things that make you happy other than somebody else's company, and if eventually someone great comes along to add to that happiness, at least you know you weren't desperate for it but love came into your life naturally.

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